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2013 Steamboat City Singles and Doubles Championships results for Nov. 9

Saturday’s matches

NTRP Men’s 3.5 Doubles (Round Robin)

Ramsey, Mike/Simon, James def. Holtzman, Howard/Luce, Warren 6-7; 6-1; 7-6(10-2))

NTRP Men’s 3.5 Singles (Round Robin)

Bunker, Karl Steamboat Springs, CO def. Holtzman, Howard Steamboat Springs, CO 6-2; 7-5

McLaren, Ross Steamboat Springs, CO def. Giglio, Keith Steamboat Springs, CO 6-0; 6-1

NTRP Men’s 4.0 Doubles (Round Robin)

Berge, Brian/Melton, Will def. Reisman, Ken/Sulimov, Danil 6-4; 6-3

Deline, Steve/Stempel, Bo def. Berge, Brian/Melton, Will 6-2; -4(1)

NTRP Men’s 4.0 Singles (Round Robin)

Leaver, Geoff Steamboat Springs, CO def. Harrison, Steve Steamboat Springs, CO 6-3; 6-4

NTRP Men’s 4.5 & Up Doubles (Round Robin)

Nijsten, Stefan/Nijsten, Louis def. Leaver, Geoff/Schaller, David 6-1; 6-2

Hooker, Grice/Swiggart, James def. Schwartz, Bernardo/Sutton, Mark 6-4; 6-4

NTRP Women’s 2.5 – 3.0 Doubles (Round Robin)

Hopfenbeck, Sarah/Swarts, Tristina def. Bunker, Bonnie/Hayes, Molly 6-2; 6-1

Knox, Cindy/Neset, Bettina def. Gold, Patti/McLaughlin, Lauren 6-3; 6-0

Gold, Patti/McLaughlin, Lauren def. Bunker, Bonnie/Hayes, Molly 6-4; 6-2

Knox, Cindy/Neset, Bettina def. Hopfenbeck, Sarah/Swarts, Tristina 5-7; 7-6; 7-6(8))

NTRP Women’s 3.0 Singles (Round Robin)

Swarts, Tristina Arvada, CO def. Rapp, Dianne Steamboat Springs, CO 6-1; 6-4

Long, Teresa Steamboat Springs, CO def. Kouwenhoven, Roos Steamboat Springs, CO 6-3; 6-2

Kouwenhoven, Roos Steamboat Springs, CO def. Rapp, Dianne Steamboat Springs, CO 6-4; 6-1

Long, Teresa Steamboat Springs, CO def. Swarts, Tristina Arvada, CO 4-6; 7-5; 11-9

NTRP Women’s 3.5 Doubles (Semifinal Round)

Haggarty, Hannah/Knoebel, Nikki def. Haggarty, Kim/Mervis, Franny 6-2; -2(8)

DeLine, Karen/Stempel, Susan (1) def. Mariano, Suzi/O’Brien, Patricia 6-7(5); 7-6(5); 10-8

Sunday’s matches

8 a.m.

NTRP Men’s 4.0 Singles

Danil Sulimov vs. Geoff Leaver

NTRP Men’s 4.5 & Up Singles

Louis Nijsten vs. Grice Hooker

NTRP Women’s 3.5 Singles

Patricia O’Brien vs. Beth Leys

NTRP Women’s 3.5 Singles

Valerie Pinto vs. Susan Stempel

NTRP Women’s 4.0 Singles

Ellie Bender vs. Kira Lorenzen

NTRP Women’s 4.5 Singles

Laurie Buelow vs. Kelley Dodge

9 a.m.

NTRP Men’s 3.5 Singles

Keith Giglio vs. Howard Holtzman

NTRP Men’s 3.5 Singles

Ross McLaren vs. Karl Bunker

9:30 a.m.

NTRP Women’s 3.0 Singles

Tristina Swarts vs. Roos Kouwenhoven

NTRP Women’s 3.0 Singles

Teresa Long vs. Dianne Rapp

10 a.m.

NTRP Women’s 2.5 – 3.0 Doubles

C. Knox – B. Neset vs. B. Bunker – M. Hayes

NTRP Women’s 4.0 Doubles

L. Robbins – L. Schlapkohl vs. K. O’Connor – D. Stein

10:30 a.m.

NTRP Men’s 4.0 Doubles

S. Deline – B. Stempel vs. K. Reisman – D. Sulimov

NTRP Men’s 4.5 & Up Doubles

G. Hooker – J. Swiggart vs. S. Nijsten – L. Nijsten

11 a.m.

NTRP Men’s 4.5 & Up Doubles

B. Schwartz – M. Sutton vs. G. Leaver – D. Schaller

NTRP Women’s 3.5 Doubles

K. DeLine – S. Stempel vs. H. Haggarty – N. Knoebel

11:30 a.m.

NTRP Men’s 3.5 Doubles

K. Bunker – R. McLaren vs. M. Ramsey – J. Simon

NTRP Women’s 3.5 Doubles C

S. Cardillo – J. Holdeman vs. L. Fellin – F. Pelletier


NTRP Women’s 2.5 – 3.0 Doubles

P. Gold – L. McLaughlin vs. S. Hopfenbeck – T. Swarts

NTRP Women’s 4.5 Doubles

L. Buelow – P. Lorenzen vs. L. Conway – K. Dodge

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