Obituary: Judith Ann Golightly |

Obituary: Judith Ann Golightly


November 27, 1937 — October 9, 2019

Judith Ann Golightly, 81, passed peacefully at home in Yampa, Colorado, on Wednesday, October 9th, the 35th anniversary of her marriage to her late husband, Jerry Golightly. Judy is survived by her four children Nancy, Suzy, John, and Daniel as well as six grandchildren; Rhianna, Aryn, Gavin, Noah, Jaden and Kinh, and her partner of the past three years, Jim “Preacher” Schmitt.

Judy was a lover of good food and good friends. She looked forward to hosting the Golightly Social Hour/Friday Beer Club get-together with friends and family. She loved Colorado sports and religiously watched the Broncos, Rockies, and the Denver Nuggets. She enjoyed keeping her mind active during the winter months with Scrabble, poker and crosswords. Judy was a fan of long road trips and could be found with a pen and paper as she completed the daily crossword. She loved dogs, and had numerous St Bernard’s and Great Pyrenees during her time in South Routt County. She loved her big dogs.

Those who met Judy remembered her. Her cheerful laughter and playfulness matched her childlike wonder. Always curious, she embraced the world and loved her life.

Judy will be greatly missed by her family and friends. Goodbye, Judy light eyes, you will be missed but we know that you and Jerry are sharing the best seats for the game. We love you.


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