Obituary: Josephus V. Lewis |

Obituary: Josephus V. Lewis

Josephus V. Lewis July 25, 1949 – Jan 04, 2020

It is with a heavy heart to announce that Joe Lewis passed away in Billings, Mt. from heart and respiratory failure.

Joe grew up in Phippsburg, Co. and graduated from SOROCO H.S., Oak Creek, Co. in 1967. He entered the Air Force in 1968, then married Cathy Holmes from Steamboat Springs, Co. They had two sons, J. Brian (deceased) and Jerry W. and a grandson by Jerry, Joseph Lewis.

Joe’s parents were C. William “Pinky” and Mildred “Toots” Lewis (both deceased). He had four sisters: Charlene Phillips (deceased), Patricia Stark (2 mos. old, deceased), Kay Mc Adow (deceased), Maude Baker, and three brothers: William O., Gerald, and Jess. He had numerous uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Announcement for this summer’s graveside services in Steamboat Springs will be forthcoming.

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