Obituary: Elizabeth Ann Redmond |

Obituary: Elizabeth Ann Redmond

July 14, 1918- November 29, 2018 

Elizabeth Ann “Patsy” Redmond was born near Yampa, CO to James T. and Elizabeth (Lasse) Redmond. She and her three brothers were raised on a ranch in the beautiful Yampa Valley. She attended school at the Crosho Lake School during her early years, then went on to the Yampa Union School. Her parents rented a home for her and her brothers in Yampa during the winter months, as it was impossible to get to school from the ranch.
Patsy spent many happy hours riding horseback with her dad to help out at their ranch with the cattle.
In the early 50’s she found work in Denver at the Collin’s home, caring for the children. Many years were spent there, then she moved on to El Paso, TX to live with the Hutchinson family and help with their children.
Patsy loved to travel. On one such trip to Yellowstone Park on August 17, 1959, she was staying at the Old Faithful Inn when a 7.3 earthquake hit, killing 28 people. It was a scary experience for her.
When Patsy turned 100 years of age in July of this year a grand party was held for her. All seventeen of her nieces and nephews, as well as their families and friends attended.
She was preceded in death by her parents, her three brothers; Jack Bill and Dean. She is survived by a sister-in-law, many nieces and nephews and their families.
She was a member of the Lutheran Church.
Services will be December 16, 2018 at the South Routt Cemetery, Yampa at 12:30 PM followed by a reception at the Ladies Aide Hall. A memorial service is being planned in Denver in January.

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