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Yule Log Clue No. 6

Yule Log Clue No. 6

Steamboat Springs — Square or bowed, take your pick, — Square or bowed, take your pick,

— Square or bowed, take your pick,

Left or right – one does the trick.

Down where the big run takes the fill,

Or up where the smaller comes downhill?

Yule Log Clue No. 5

There will be no clues over the weekend. Yule Log clues resume Monday.

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Take the way toward the morning light.

Past Cooper’s old spot and the Arby’s site.

Straight ahead along the way,

Where some do work and others play.

Yule Log Clue No. 4

Maggie said let’s take a swim.

Gather the kids and father, Jim.

Head on down the old main trail,

Cleanse the body, relax, exhale!

Yule Log Clue No. 3

Winds of change sweep over town.

The new goes up: the old comes down.

So consider all as you check the scene.

The hill, the giant and in between.

Yule Log Clue No. 2

Count them – one, two, and three

Enter the name of a dicotyledonous tree.

There you are where they intersect.

If you find the log, you’ll collect!

Yule Log Clue No. 1

Near Memorial Park the log did lie,

By the snowy trail of the passerby.

They dug the log from a mound of snow,

So Scott and Tom won the dough.

This year the log has a new hiding place.

Follow each clue. Have a merry chase!