You Heart What You Eat: Zucch-Asta |

You Heart What You Eat: Zucch-Asta

Tera Johnson-Swartz
Explore's food contributor

— Pasta. Most of us eat it because it’s easy to make, it’s a tummy filler and because well, it’s delicious. But as we all know, its health content is questionable at best. I mean, essentially the ingredients are flour, eggs, salt and water, which if you’ve ever made homemade play dough, it’s basically the same recipe with the exception of the eggs. Now, I am certainly not against pasta. Heck, I grew up eating just about every Hamburger Helper box that was available. However, being the health conscious mama that I am, I like to sneak in those veggies whenever I possibly can and when I discovered Zucchini Pasta? I just about wrote a lengthy letter of love to the company who introduced me to it.

First of all, let me clarify, I am not a frequent Walmart shopper nor a late night infomercial watcher and most definitely not a check-out-lane-impulse buyer. However, on a particular day when I had to pick up something at our sometimes-friendly Walmart store and was chasing my toddler at the checkout lane, I stumbled into the shelves of “As Seen On TV” items, which usually would have meant nothing to me until I saw the Veggetti Pro. The picture of a zucchini in a curly-fry looking device that had zucchini spirals resembling pasta made me think: “Um, I could eat ‘pasta’ every day if it was with vegetables like zucchini or squash?” I snatched a box, bought it and rushed home to give it a try.

And hopefully without sounding like an infomercial testimonial, from the first time I used the Veggetti Pro, I was hooked! I spiraled a sizable bowl of zucchini (about 3-4 for a family of 4), boiled a pot of water with a bit of olive oil, garlic and salt, tossed in the spiral-wonders and in 2 minutes (yes, TWO MINUTES), those yummy “spaghettis” were ready to drain and eat.

I’m pretty sure this recipe has the least amount of ingredients than any other I’ve listed thus far so take advantage! It’s easy, delicious and good for you, I promise!


3 zucchinis
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tbs. olive oil
  • 1 tsp. salt

In a medium to large saucepot, fill about halfway with water and set on medium to high on the stove. Add olive oil, garlic powder and salt.

Meanwhile using your nifty Veggeti Pro, crank your spirals of zucchini until your desired amount has filled a bowl and add to the pot of boiling water.

Set your timer for two minutes and taste your “spaghetti” to desired texture preference. Drain and service with your favorite spaghetti sauce or bit of butter and parmesan. It’s must better fresh than reheated, so it’s recommended to make just enough for a meal. Enjoy!

“You Heart What You Eat” is a weekly blog offering a twist of healthy alternative tips and recipes for some of our most coveted comfort foods. From decadent desserts to main dish favorites, you’ll surely look forward to our next edition. Questions or suggestions you’d like included in one of our future blogs should be directed to Tera Johnson-Swartz via email at

Tera Johnson-Swartz is a mommy first, but also enjoys working one of her many, many side gigs whether it be freelance writing, music, massage therapy, independent childbirth, lactation or health educating. She is eternally grateful she is able to follow her passion each and every day and loves her supporting husband and their two young children  and couldn’t imagine living a better life outside the city limits of Steamboat Springs.

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