You Heart What You Eat: Popsicle Parade Part 3 |

You Heart What You Eat: Popsicle Parade Part 3

Tera Johnson-Swartz/For Steamboat Today
Explore's food contributor Tera Johnson Swartz is providing readers with delicious recipes for summertime popsicles.

When I think about summer, tropical anything — food or beverage — takes me on a momentary trip to the Caribbean, which, almost, any time of year seems pretty good to me. This tropical treat is one that most children and adults equally enjoy and crave.

Featuring veggies, fruit and dairy, this pop maintains healthy vitamins and minerals and is considerably less than 100 calories. 60 for each popsicle to be exact. Also with no cholesterol, low in sodium and high in Vitamin A (5 percent), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C (17 percent), I can’t help but send Dole and all the other store-bought pops packing while we enjoy a much healthier, less expensive and easy to make snack.

Strawbana Bliss

½ avocado

½ cup raw spinach

1 banana

¼ cup frozen or raw strawberries

1 tablespoon date paste

4 tablespoons plain Greek-style yogurt

1/8 cup almond milk

1/8 cup orange juice

Date paste: In a medium- to large-sized bowl place one to two cups of dates. Pour enough scalding hot water to just cover them, cover with plastic wrap or lid and set aside for three-plus hours (overnight is even better). In the morning, pour the rehydrated dates and about ¼ to ½ the date-water in a blender or food processor and blend until an applesauce-consistency paste is formed. Put into a tightly sealed container, and in between uses, keep in the refrigerator (lasting one to two weeks).

Strawbana Bliss: In a blender, combine all ingredients listed above until a creamy “smoothie” or “pudding” texture is formed. Taste and decide if there’s something you’d like more flavor of — strawberry, banana, orange — if it’s too sweet a bit more plain yogurt makes all the difference. Next, spoon your mixture into popsicle molds and freeze (three to four hours) until ready to serve. Enjoy!

You Heart What You Eat is a weekly blog offering a twist of healthy alternative tips and recipes for some of our most coveted comfort foods. Tera Johnson-Swartz is a mommy first but she also enjoys working one of her many, many side gigs whether it be freelance writing, music, massage therapy, independent childbirth, lactation or health educating. She is eternally grateful she is able to follow her passion each and every day and loves her supporting husband and their two young children and couldn’t imagine living a better life outside the city limits of Steamboat Springs.

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