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Word of the month: 5 locals share their thoughts on “Timing”

“Timing is everything and this holds especially true in the law. The scales of justice may tip ever so slightly based upon timing. Time is ‘of the essence’ in many legal

respects and relationships: Timing to notify, to defend, to go on the offensive, to await actions of others, to accrue or toll, timing to file, timing to present evidence. The list goes on and on. The right timing is power. The wrong timing is weakness. Like a game of chess, making the right move at the right time will result in checkmate and in the realm of the law this will provide a successful outcome. Golda Meir stated, “I must govern the clock, not be governed by it,” and as a counselor at law, I can fully relate to that.”

—Dave Nagel, P.C., managing partner, Feldmann Nagel, LLC.

“There’s no crystal ball to help us with timing of new product introductions, so we live by a few general rules. First, if we think it’s a great idea, and it’s ready to bring to market, then why wait? We’ve introduced products very late in the ‘traditional’ development cycle for camping equipment and hit home runs in terms of sales and reviews. Second, no focus group will tell us more than our own employees, ambassadors, sales reps and key retailers whose opinions we trust and who we share new product samples with. Finally, if people in the industry are scratching their heads wondering how we pulled off a successful product launch of something truly groundbreaking, like our mtnGLO tents with integrated LED lights, then our timing was probably perfect!”

–Bill Gamber, president, Big Agnes/BAP/Honey Stinger

“A lot of yoga relates to timing, depending on the style you’re practicing and teacher. One area is the length of time between postures. In some classes, the tempo is quicker, linking breath with movement: one posture per every breath. In others, you may hold a posture longer; the pausing can foster emotions and releases in that area of the body. Breathing techniques also center around timing. You can keep your inhale and exhale lengths the same, focus on the exhale by releasing your stagnate breath, or concentrate on the inhale for full expansion. Holding your breath for a certain amount of time is also used in pranayama (breathing) techniques.”

— Valerie D’Ambrosio, yoga teacher

“A lot of success in real estate comes from timing, whether you’re a buyer, seller or agent. I got started when the market was in the doldrums and a lot of agents had left. Then it started gaining steam and so did my business. That timeliness allowed me to stay and raise my family here. Timing can be a big factor when you’re buying a property as well. Often people interested in a property take their time because it’s been on the market for so long. But then someone comes by who’s ready to buy and the property gets sold from underneath them. It hurts to lose an opportunity like that when your timing isn’t right. Sellers also often get hurt on their timing. When the market is hot, people hold as they see values going up, waiting to sell when they see values flattening out. But by then it might be on the downslide, which happened in 2007/’08. We still haven’t caught up to that seven years later. It’s easy to blame things on fate, but I’ve always felt timing and being able to make decisions timely is the key to most successes.”

—Cam Boyd, Broker/Owner, Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty

“Timing, in its various forms, has always been crucial to everything I’ve done in my life. When I was a skier, hitting my peak fitness during the most important events all revolved around the timing of our training programs. The timing of the takeoff on a ski jump is also crucial. If you’re a little bit late or early when you start your jump, it can ruin the whole thing. Timing is equally important in my new career of fly fishing. The long casts the sport demands are all about timing. There is almost no power involved, it’s all about the timing of the casting stroke. Also getting on the right water at the right time helps too. Too late or too early and you might be out of luck.”

—Johnny Spillane, Olympic medalist Nordic Combined, owner Steamboat Flyfisher

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