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What’s in it for me?: Gear Guide

Allison Miriani

Compiled by Allison Miriani and Brent Boyer. Photo by Brian Ray taken at The Homesteader.

1. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere:

This frozen drink maker is more than a blender. Put in your limes and choose how many margaritas you want for easy entertaining. This product comes in handy on hot summer afternoons – and it looks cool on your counter.

(Frozen Concoction Maker by Margaritaville. $299.99.)

2. Quench your thirst

Sample a new margarita each day all summer from the 90 recipes in this book. (“The Great Margarita Book” by Al Lucero. $15.95)

3. Straight from the sea

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No real margarita is complete without a salt-lined ring around the rim of your glass. And not all margarita salts are equal. You won’t go wrong with this stuff.

(El Paso Chile Company sun-dried Pacific sea salt, 1-lb container, $6.50)

4. Spreads sauce, not bristles

Advertised as the “Ultimate BBQ Brush,” these silicone bristles mean you won’t find any horse hairs in your food. Heat-resistant to 500 degrees, this brush is also dishwasher safe.

(Silicone Barbecue Brush by Sili Gourmet. $19.95)

5. Till the cows come home

Get rid of those old, plain corn holders and add some life to your table with a set of cow and pig holders. And who doesn’t love slathering on the butter and salt without making a mess of their hands?

(Pig Corn Holders and Cow Corn Holders by Charcoal Companion. $9.99 for eight pieces)

6. Lookin’ good while grilling

This brown leather apron and matching oven mitt make for grandiose grilling. Forget the practicality, you may just leave the apron on all night long.

(BBQ Grill Apron by Outset. $49.99)($14.99 BBQ Grill Glove by Outset. $14.99)

7. Heavy on the veggies

The double-coated nonstick surface of this copper-colored wok keeps your vegetables from sticking and makes post-dining cleanup a breeze. And no more messing with aluminum foil.

(BBQ Grill Wok by Outset. $26.99)

8. Flipping made easy

The length of this spatula means you won’t get your shirt dirty while leaning over the grill. And stainless steel will stay looking nice even if you leave it hanging outside.

(Flex Griddle Spatula by Outset. $16.99)

9. Spice it up

See review of this sauce at What’s in it for me?.

(Chef Dean Martin’s Asian Barbecue Sauce. $6.75)