Vision 2030 spotlight: CJ Mucklow |

Vision 2030 spotlight: CJ Mucklow

CJ Mucklow

Residence: Clark

Number of years in the valley: 18

Occupation: Agricultural extension agent

Q: If you returned in 20 years, what would you hope to see or feel?

A: Ranchers, hippies, coal miners, ski bums and townies, all sitting and talking at the same bar! Old pickup trucks, Jeeps, horse trailers and yuppie Volvos!

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Q: What top three aspects of your community today do you brag about?

A: Cooperative attitude of people from all walks of life; beauty of a privately owned working landscape and the natural landscape; the great mix of people from all walks of life.

Q: Describe the elements of your community’s heart and soul that are most important to you?

A: It’s a place where your income level matters less than your integrity. It’s where your word is still good, it’s where you can honestly disagree with people but not despise them for their views! Individuals matter and much as institutions. It’s where we haven’t swamped the culture or the views as we grow. It’s a place where you can afford to still raise a family and want to.

Q: What one thing would you do to preserve your community’s heart and soul?

A: As the community grows, my greatest fear is that we will swamp the existing culture. That culture for me is appreciation for the working landscape and Western friendly town. It doesn’t mean you have to be rancher, but you have to be welcoming and tolerant. With the incredible growth, I hope we keep that and not get a new culture that’s more urban, less friendly and less tolerant of all people.

Vision 2030 is a collaborative citizens effort to define the future of the Yampa Valley. Vision 2030 intends to gather the wisdom of valley residents to update the 1994 Vision 2020 Report of Recommendations and create a community vision that will define the “heart and soul” of the Yampa Valley and develop specific, doable, measurable strategies for ensuring that the “heart and soul” are successfully stewarded from one generation to the next.

For more information about Vision 2030, call Tammie Bowes Delaney, project manager, at 846-1404 or e-mail To fill out a Vision 2030 survey, visit