Vail Valley restaurants roll out deals |

Vail Valley restaurants roll out deals

Vail Daily

— These days, Vail resident Eric Myers dines out less, and, when he does, he keeps a sharp lookout for deals.

“Before we went out three or four times a week, and now it’s one or two,” he said. “And when we do, we try to take advantage of the specials.”

Myers said at a recent visit to Rick and Kelly’s American Bistro in Edwards, he and his girlfriend got 35 percent off their meal – thanks to a 20 percent-off coupon and a local’s frequent diner card that gave the couple 15 percent off the bill.

The diner’s card is one of the restaurant’s new promotions advertised as a way to “beat this recession!”

During happy hour, the bistro also is offering discount drinks and two-for-one appetizers and pizza, which have been very popular, said Sarah John, the restaurant’s development coordinator.

Similar deals – previously unheard of in past ski seasons – are becoming increasingly common as restaurants look for ways to keep diners coming through their doors.

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While Vail resident Caroline Hollis hasn’t changed her dining habits too much – she still goes out for lunch a few times a week – she said she’s noticed more advertisements for food and drink specials in the paper.

Hollis said she usually sticks to more casual restaurants but added that she always takes advantage of the summer specials, when many higher-end restaurants roll out meal deals.

But this year, some of those deals are coming before the ski season is over. Splendido at Beaver Creek is offering 30 percent off the menu, and Mirabelle at Beaver Creek is offering 50 percent off entrees.