Theo Dexter, owner, Lone Oak Studio: Stop Pinnacol raids |

Theo Dexter, owner, Lone Oak Studio: Stop Pinnacol raids

— Sen. Al White,

I implore you to drop the proposed raids on Pinnacol Assurance in the forms of Senate bills 273 and 281. The money you are planning to steal from this agency does not belong to the State of Colorado in general. These funds belong to Colorado businesses like mine that have paid dutifully into this agency as required by law and have had zero claims for workers compensation, in my case throughout the entire 20 years of doing business in our fine state.

To date, I have received a total of $689 dividend for this good behavior. To take this money now amounts to an unlawful tax on the small businesses that provide most of the new jobs our state and nation need so greatly at this time. Small operations such as my own have no choice other than Pinnacol Assurance for the required protection of our employees. The rates I pay are sure to go up if you insist on gutting these funds that I and some 40,000 other businesspeople have invested in our workforce. Sooner or later, these attacks on small businesses will cause some of us to fold. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is coming to us from those we have elected to act on our behalf.

I will not be hoodwinked by the proposal for a one-time rebate to small outfits such as mine. You want to throw me a fish while you dry up the lake!

Yes, Al, I voted for you in the last election. Your previous record showed reasonable actions on your part. You were the only Republican I voted for in 2008 – a coveted swing vote in your favor. Now, I feel like a fool. I don’t like to feel like a fool, and I promise that if you continue on your quest to tax me in this way, I will never vote for you again and will actively seek your removal from office by whatever means necessary.

Theo Dexter, owner, Lone Oak Studio

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