The 14th Judicial District VALE Board: Thanks, Dee |

The 14th Judicial District VALE Board: Thanks, Dee

Helen “Dee” Richards served on the VALE Board over a nine-year period. This VALE (Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement) Board serves the 14th Judicial District. Each term for board members is three years, with the opportunity to be reappointed for another three years. After serving two consecutive terms, a member must be off the board for at least a year before being reappointed. Dee was first appointed to the board from 1995-1998, served a second term from 1998-2001 and a third term from 2004-2007. VALE Board members are appointed by the Chief Judge of the 14th Judicial District.

The VALE Board awards grants to community organizations that provide victim services to the three counties of the 14th Judicial District (Grand, Moffat and Routt). These grants help to foster victim services and enhance the responsiveness of law enforcement to victims of crimes.

Dee was a very important part of the VALE Board with her experience and knowledge of her community. Over the years she participated on the VALE Board, she was instrumental in many organizations and law enforcement agencies receiving funding to help victims in our three counties.

Dee was dedicated to preserving the history of Routt County. To honor her commitment, the VALE Board will donate money, to be used in the Routt County Courthouse for improvements to the display of the history of Routt County.

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