Tattoo of the week: Leah Andres |

Tattoo of the week: Leah Andres

Leah Andres' tattoo

I got a tattoo of a Pegasus as a gift for my 21st birthday in Las Vegas. I put it where no one could see it so as not to tick off my dad.

Show us your ink

Got a tattoo and want to show it off? 4 Points is looking for anyone interested in having a picture of their ink featured in an upcoming edition of the weekly arts and entertainment section.

What we need: a high-resolution, color photo of the tattoo (appropriate body areas only, please) and a short description identifying what the tattoo is, why you got it, when you got it and where you got it. E-mail submissions to aplean For more information, call Allison Plean at 871-4204.