Suzi Mitchell: Fat America |

Suzi Mitchell: Fat America

John F. Russell

— Something extraordinary happened to me somewhere en route to Florida last week. Contrary to my typical parenting style the concept of lead by example flew out the airplane window.

Do not judge, try not to stare, clean your plate and make healthy choices are a struggle. How come it’s so easy in our granola filled, freakishly fit happy little Steamboat bubble? In a nutshell, we care about ourselves and want our children to feel the same. Shouldn’t that be every parent’s goal to instill personal pride in our offspring especially where their health is concerned?

While I certainly do not want to seem like a writer on a rant here, I think I have no choice. As we sat down to our first breakfast in a local’s favorite haunt we were surrounded by many morbidly obese people tucking in to a week’s worth of groceries in one sitting washed down with a sea of coke. Try as we might, it was impossible not to stare. Out of 30 or so dishes, only one contained veggies. Even our mug of coffee almost required two hands to lift it. The kid’s portion pancake could have doubled as a sun hat.

The part that equally caused concern was the sheer wastage. As my 7 year old asked us “do Florida people not know other people are starving?” I was lost for an answer. Plates piled high were headed back to the kitchen destined for trash, as quickly as the fresh servings coming out.

I am fully aware I am not writing about anything newsworthy here, we’ve all heard it many times before. But, when you see it first hand through the eyes of children it is even more shocking. The saddest thing to me as a mom, are the equally rotund little beings who know nothing better than to follow the examples they see.

I don’t have an answer just a lot of sadness, and a great deal of empathy to the nursing staff of this nation that are left to pick up the pieces.

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