Summit sinks Steamboat soccer |

Summit sinks Steamboat soccer

Sailors struggle against Tigers in snowy matchup

Andrew White, left, tries to get the ball past Summit's Matt Truesdale on Wednesday as the Tigers beat the Sailors, 2-1.

Playing a nonleague game, the Steamboat Springs High School soccer team’s Wednesday night game against Summit had no bearing on the logjam at the top of the Western Slope League.

That was about the only good news to be found for the squad as the snow fell and the Sailors sulked off Gardner Field.

Summit got a goal from senior Turner Colvin with 2 minutes, 37 seconds remaining in the first overtime period, winning Wednesday night’s showdown, 2-1.

“We fought hard there at the end and got lucky on a golden goal,” Summit coach Matt Zeiset said. “That’s huge for us to come out and play a strong team and play decently and come away with the win. It’s a big confidence builder for us.”

Colvin’s score came as Summit (3-4-1) controlled much of the action in the overtime period.

He finally got a chance and was easily able to put the ball away as his teammates celebrated and his coaching staff sprinted onto the field, arms held high.

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“Dax Kellie gave me a great touch right into the box. I took a touch, and it hit the goalie, but it bounced off him and back onto my foot, and I touched it forward into the goal,” Colvin said. “The goalie did the right thing, but luck happened to go our way.”

Even if that golden goal required a bit of luck, it came after a much-improved second half from Summit and a late first-half goal that Steamboat coach Rob Bohlmann termed almost as important as the winner. Steamboat (3-2-3) dominated most of the first 40 minutes, and Andrew White put the Sailors in front with a dramatic goal midway through the period.

He chased down a long ball and barely beat Summit’s keeper to it. Then, still shackled by a defender, he raced toward the goal and managed to poke the ball toward the net. It was a slow and weak shot, but no Tigers could catch up, and it slipped into the goal.

It was the early opportunities Steamboat missed that would linger in the players’ minds, however.

Several shots flew just high or wide, and one careful and powerful blast deflected perfectly off of one of the uprights and straight back onto the field.

“We had a good first half, but from a coaching perspective, we made way too many changes when we had a really good rhythm and it was still a tight game,” Bohlmann said.

Summit finally managed to take advantage of Steamboat’s lapses, and put in its first goal with 3:17 remaining in the first half.

Taylor Colvin got the ball in front of the Sailors’ net, paused, passed, and then a moment later, got it again and blasted it home.

Steamboat was never the same.

“This game can change on a dime, and that’s what happened,” Bohlmann said. “That goal gave them a lot of spirit, and in the second half, we never quite recovered to find that rhythm we had early on.”