Student wins for simplicity |

Student wins for simplicity

High school senior designs this year's button

Brandon Gee

2008 Winter Carnival Button design by Karyn Savory

— The second time was a charm for Steamboat Springs High School senior Karyn Savory, who created the winning design for the 95th Winter Carnival button in her second year of entering the contest.

“The theme is ‘A Celebration of Community,’ and it really represents that,” said Caroline Bohlmann, special events director for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, which hosts the carnival. Bohlmann said this year’s theme seemed apt considering all the development and changes occurring in Steamboat Springs.

The button-design contest is a high school tradition that began in 1967. Savory’s design – which she created with markers and pens – is unassuming and effective. Simple depictions of people holding hands, alternating between male and female, form the outside border of the design, which is anchored by a large snowflake in the middle.

“When I heard the theme, I figured, why not some stick figures holding hands,” Savory said. “The snowflake obviously represents Steamboat in the wintertime. It’s just really simple.”

A circle can prove a challenging shape for artists to design for, but Savory said it’s not if “you draw the circle first and know your limits.”

Savory’s design will be printed on 7,300 buttons that will be sold throughout the community for $7 each. The button serves as an all-purpose ticket to the carnival’s five days of events.

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“In order to participate in events or view events, you need to have a button,” Bohlmann said.

Proceeds from button sales go toward offsetting the cost of putting on carnival events and to the Winter Sports Club, but Bohlmann said fundraising is not the driving force behind the Winter Carnival.

“It does raise money; it’s also a tradition that’s been going on for years that we’re continuing,” she said, noting events such as the Ski Ball, Scholarship Day and Ski Swap raise far more money for the club.

The Winter Sports Club will continue an innovation from last year and provide Marabou lanyards for the buttons. Bohlmann said people seem to prefer wearing the buttons around their necks over pinning them to clothing.

Whether on shirts or hanging from necks, the buttons will be everywhere you turn throughout Winter Carnival. And Savory will have plenty of chances to see her winning design.

“I go there every year,” Savory said of the carnival. “It’s a lot of fun.”