Stephanie Grey: Rockapella headlining Strings on Friday night |

Stephanie Grey: Rockapella headlining Strings on Friday night

Stephanie Grey

Rockapella to perform at Strings Music Pavilion this weekend.

— Strings continues this weekend with their legacy of peddling diverse American music to the community.

Rockapella, arguably the most sophisticated and animated a cappella group of today, will be headlining Strings on Friday night.

The five-piece vocal group was formed in 1986, and throughout their long-running career has pulled together a contemporary sampling of several generations of pop, soul, R&B and world music. Along with original melodies, listeners will get to hear some resident classics including a little Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and even "The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

Down to the percussion and bass, each voice in the group is architecturally designed to contribute to the overall construction of the song. Rather than being dazzled with modern lyrical gimmicks, dance tricks or lighting effects, the listener is presented with only one instrument and the mastery these five signers have over it — the voice. No additional instruments are used; everything heard is man made, in the organic sense.

The skill with which this band captures what an orchestra does simply with their voices will make the hair on your neck stand up. Of the four elements typically inherent to excellent music production; rhythm, harmony, melody and interest, the five-some possess all of them, and appropriately one more, the human element. The part that captures the raw power of the voice and even a little humor.

There's a thrill in witnessing what only a very few can do, and anyone attending Strings on Friday night will get to experience this. Enjoy a return to the original quintessential and sophisticated boy band by purchasing tickets at Strings.

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