Steamboat Springs residents begin SUP company |

Steamboat Springs residents begin SUP company

Luke Graham

This spring

— Dmitri Brown spent many summers in North Carolina on the water surfing or stand-up paddleboarding.

He taught both, and when it wasn't winter, the water was where everything seemed natural.

Anne Zoltani grew up in Washington state on the coast and was a constant in the ocean. Toward the end of college, after growing accustomed to rafting and kayaking, she took on stand-up paddleboarding.

And as the two moved inland, stand-up paddleboarding followed suit.

And the phenomenon followed, also moving inward, engulfing states, lakes and rivers.

With the experience and an eye on the sport, Brown and Zoltani decided during the winter that this was the time to get a business started.

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The two started Bodhi Sup, an all intensive venture into one of the fastest growing water sports in the world.

"You can tackle more things with paddleboarding," Brown said. "Initially, it's a lot easier but there is a large learning curve. You can always learn."

Beginning last winter, the two sat down after skiing. The sun was out and the snow was good, but in purely Steamboat fashion, summer was on the mind.

Brown and Zoltani spent last summer on the river, so the idea started there but didn't progress until the winter.

Brown had taught surfing for seven years and stand-up paddleboarding for five. Zoltani had a history in the fitness realm, teaching yoga.

What started as an intriguing idea turned into a business in March.

"It was in the winter, and we knew it was something new to Colorado," Zoltani said.

The two started to build a fleet. It purchased multiple boards from local Peter Hall's business Hala Gear and eventually added more.

The two have 12 boards total, all designed for specific things. Their boards include designs for lakes and rivers.

The company offers lessons, guided tours down the river and on lakes as well as fitness classes.

The company has partnered instructors from Steamboat Pilates Yoga and Fitness, VIRV Yoga and Sundance Yoga Studios. They offer fitness and yoga classes four times per week.

"It's fun," Brown said. "Spring was in the air, and we were slowly getting bored and decided 'Let's do this.'"

To book a trip, lesson or to find out more about the fitness classes, visit People also can email or call 970-629-8332.

To reach Luke Graham, call 970-871-4229 or email

Get on board

In 2011, local Peter Hall founded Hala Gear. The world of stand-up paddleboarding in Steamboat has recently took off. A look at the costs of some of Hall’s equipment:

■ Hala Atcha River Board: $1,249

■ Hoss Big Time: $1,249

■ Straight Up SUP: $1,249

■ Hala Nass Racing/Touring: $1,329

■ Hala Butterknife Paddle: $299


■ River lessons and tours (1.5 hours):

1 SUP: $60/person

2 SUP: $50/person

3 SUP: $40/person

■ Lake lessons and tours (1.5 hours):

1 SUP: $60/person

2 SUP: $50/person

3 SUP: $40/person

4 SUP: $35/person