Steamboat Springs grad and former Miss Nevada to appear on reality TV show |

Steamboat Springs grad and former Miss Nevada to appear on reality TV show

Luke Graham

Cris Crotz

— Cris Crotz wasn't necessarily interested in doing reality television.

But a detective reality show?

That not only fit Crotz, but also her upbringing.

Her father, Rick Crotz, was the lead investigator in Steamboat Springs on the Gerry Boggs murder in 1993 that saw the convictions of Jill Coit — dubbed the "Black Widow — and Michael Backus.

"During that period of time my dad was traveling all over country on investigation," Cris Crotz said. "He would always talk about how you communicate with people and how to catch them in lies. I always felt my dad was so smart. He was so good at his job. He made me want to be that great at being a people person. I learned a lot from him about reading people and understanding and communicating effectively."

So when she got an email about a casting for a detective reality show, Crotz said it seemed to fit.

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The 2004 Steamboat Springs High School graduate will debut on ABC's "Whodunnit" on Sunday.

The show airs at 7 p.m. and brings together 13 contestants in a mystery reality competition. Each week, contestants must solve a crime in order to advance in the game. The grand prize is $250,000.

"Typically I'd never be interested in a reality show," she said. "All of that is too extreme. You're eating weird things or doing crazy stunts. It was something I didn't want to do. This was something that stood out to me."

Crotz isn't foreign to television.

After high school she moved to Nevada, where her mother, Mary, had got a job. Cris had wanted to go to school in California and figured Nevada was a good halfway point. Soon after Cris enrolled in school, however, Mary was diagnosed with cancer. Cris moved back to Nevada, and while taking care of her mom, a beauty pageant representative reached out to her.

Cris won her first beauty competition and by 2010 was named Miss Nevada.

She later moved to Los Angeles. She always had acting in her mind, but she preferred hosting and broadcasting.

She currently works for the corporate offices of Quicksilver, where she is the corporate store manager with a staff of 25. Filming for "Whodunnit" began in April and was done over a five-week period.

"I have seen myself on television and it's still weird," she said. "Nobody loves to see them on television. We're our own worst critics. But it's really exciting, too. This was different than anything anyone could experience. It's a really cool show."

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