Steamboat PostNet franchise gets national look on ‘Undercover Boss’ |

Steamboat PostNet franchise gets national look on ‘Undercover Boss’

Nicole Inglis

Candice Martin, center, sits with her husband, Hiram, and daughter, Greta, during a watch party of "Undercover Boss" on Friday at Steamboat Smokehouse. PostNet was featured on the CBS reality show, and some Steamboat shots made it into the episode.

— Every time a shot of Steamboat Springs appeared on the big screen at Steamboat Smokehouse on Friday evening, all but two people in the room cheered, grinned, pointed and raised their arms with pride.

One of them was 5-year-old Greta Martin, whose mother, Steamboat resident Candice Martin, appeared for a brief moment on national television during the CBS reality show "Undercover Boss."

Greta had fallen asleep about halfway through the episode that glared across the downtown restaurant's projection screen.

"That was crazy," Martin said, cradling a sleeping Greta in her arms as the episode came to a close. A shot in the opening sequence showed Martin smiling and handing a sheet of paper to another person. "I was overwhelmed at the time” of the filming.

The other silent member of the 30-person audience was a giant stuffed guinea pig named Chubble, the local PostNet franchise’s memorable plush mascot that is known for being photographed across town.

PostNet CEO Steve Greenbaum, of Evergreen, was featured on Friday's episode. As part of the show, CEOs are disguised and sent undercover to stores across the country, and employees are tasked with training the supposed newbie.

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Crews from the reality show were filming in Steamboat in August, but the local store was not one of the four main storylines in the hourlong episode, which followed Greenbaum to stores across the country as he secretively infiltrated PostNet franchises disguised as a biker named Brad.

In the end, Greenbaum revealed himself to the featured employees and franchise owners and offered them rewards for their strengths and incentives to continue to work hard to better their own lives.

Although it wasn't featured, Steamboat Springs garnered some significant B-roll.

In addition to the shot of Martin, Greenbaum was shown riding his motorcycle through the Yampa Valley in several shots instantly recognizable to Steamboat residents. Emerald Mountain made an appearance, and Greenbaum zoomed past a Mount Werner Road exit sign. The storefront of Steamboat's PostNet also was shown.

"I was really proud of the brand and getting some exposure for Steamboat," Martin said.

Kathy Stokes — who has owned the local store with her husband, Terry, for more than 15 years and has known the Greenbaum family for more than 10 years — said the episode had her laughing at and cheering for Greenbaum and musing about the practices of other franchises.

"It's been a real hoot and great to see Steamboat on national television and see Candice," she said. "It's been weird, and we're going to have a lot of laughs about it.

"To see our CEO … you can't say a bad thing about him."

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