Steamboat freestylers grab top finishes |

Steamboat freestylers grab top finishes

— Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Freestyle coach Nate Bird admitted perhaps he wasn't the best judge Monday when it came down to the girls dual moguls finals during the last day of competition at a Rocky Mountain regional Freestyle event in Aspen. The race featured Steamboat Springs athlete Brittany Loweree.

"I'm a little biased," Bird said, "but I really thought she won."

The judges disagreed, and Loweree dropped the finals clash against Kristi Warning, a Vail moguls skier who completed a weekend sweep after winning the junior moguls and single moguls competitions in the preceding days.

But the loss didn't detract from Loweree's strong performance or another big weekend from the Winter Sports Club.

Loweree was joined in the dual moguls top 10 by No. 4 Alissa Pinkoski, No. 5 Becky Miller and No. 8 Alexa Stein.

On the boys side, former club skier Luke Kamieniecki took the top prize. Nick Didomenico was fourth.

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"We had a super fun weekend in Aspen," Bird said. "Nick's been one of our top-ranked skiers for a long time but never actually made the round of eight in duals before, so this was really good for him. I was super psyched."

Steamboat picked up top finishes earlier in the weekend, as well. Miller led the way for a strong team showing in Sunday's moguls competition. Loweree was right behind her in fourth, with Pinkoski fifth, Stein sixth, Lane Stoltzner eighth and Kiersten Adams 10th.

Kamieniecki was fifth in the men's moguls. Bennett Roukema was seventh.

Luke Farney was third on the boys side in the junior moguls event. Adams was the top female finisher in 11th.

The freestyle team heads to Vail this weekend. About half of the team will leave next week to join the NoRam tour on the East Coast.

Steamboat results

Girls junior moguls

  1. Kiersten Adams, 15.78

  2. Alycia Nix, 12.69

  3. Maddi Himbury, 11.85

Boys junior moguls

  1. Luke Farney, 24.06

  2. Kevin Broten, 20.95

  3. Bradley Hoefer, 20.76

  4. Huntington Adams 20.33

  5. George DeGrandis, 18.96

  6. Stephen Wilson, 16.47

  7. Jesse Pugh, 14.76

  8. Matt Binsfeld, 12.25

Women’s open moguls

  1. Becky Miller, 21.82

  2. Brittany Loweree, 21.50

  3. Alissa Pinkoski, 21.09

  4. Alexa Stein, 20.86

  5. Lane Stoltzner 20.29

  6. Kiersten Adams, 20.17

  7. Shelby Dyer, 19.52

  8. Maddi Himbury, 17.90

  9. Alycia Nix, 1.93

Men’s open moguls

  1. Luke Kamieniecki, 23.19

  2. Bennett Roukema, 22.10

  3. Kevin Broten, 20.54

  4. Bradley Hoefer, 20.39

  5. Huntington Adams, 19.00

  6. George DeGrandis, 18.55

  7. Stephen Wilson, 18.05

  8. Luke Farney, 16.97

  9. Tyler Saxe, 16.85

  10. Joshua Himbury, 13.63

  11. Matt Binsfeld, 11.77

  12. Jesse Pugh, 10.50

Women’s dual moguls

  1. Brittany Loweree

  2. Alissa Pinkoski

  3. Becky Miller

  4. Alexa Stein

  5. Kiersten Adams

  6. Shelby Dyer

  7. Maddi Himbury

Men’s dual moguls

  1. Luke Kamieniecki

  2. Nick Didomenico

  3. Luke Farney

  4. Bennett Roukema

  5. Kevin Broten

  6. Joshua Himbury

  7. Bradley Hoefer

  8. Jesse Pugh

  9. Matt Binsfeld

  10. Tyler Saxe

  11. George DeGrandis

  12. Stephen Wilson