Sarah Coleman: We can do hard things |

Sarah Coleman: We can do hard things

Sarah Coleman
For Steamboat Pilot & Today
Sarah Coleman writes a monthly health and wellness column for Steamboat Pilot & Today.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — My mother recently handed me this quote on a sticky note, it read: “Do hard things. Strength is produced in affliction.” What is affliction you ask? By definition, something that causes pain or suffering. By thought or feeling, something that is a struggle or difficult in some way. What a concept. Have you ever thought of things this way? The current state of our world should be a pretty clear example of getting through some pretty hard situations. Parents homeschooling their children and the live/work balance come to mind.

And we are better because of it. A few thoughts here — more compassionate, more educated, more resilient, stronger, the list goes on.

It is much easier to take the easy way out — I mean, it says it right there — it is easy. I challenge you this month to try to take the harder way and reap all the benefits. And, if you are already on board, we applaud you. Pick one thing and commit to it.

A few examples:

1. Do 10 more burpees at the gym.

2. Wake up a half hour early

3. Leave your phone at home

4. Ask for help

5. Have the difficult conversation

6. Try something you are afraid of

7. Be 100% honest with a friend

8. Say, “No”

9. Say, “Yes”

10. Learn something new

You get the idea. Now, here are a few reasons why doing hard things can really benefit your physical and mental health.

When we take the easy way, we often don’t learn anything new about the situation, ourselves or others. We will not only grow as a person but we will inspire others to do the same. By challenging ourselves in new ways, we learn what we are capable of physically and mentally. Who doesn’t want that? In return, we will feel smarter and more valued.

Think about this, sometimes learning something new or honing in on a skill takes time. The beauty of this is that there is knowledge and growth in the process. Trust the process. Let’s look back to the quote at the beginning: “Strength is produced in affliction.” That’s the point, we get stronger in the face of adversity. In return, we will feel accomplished and happier.

So go out there and do something difficult today. We can do hard things.

Sarah Coleman is a wellness and recovery coach at Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat Springs, a fitness fanatic, a personal trainer, a CrossFitter, a food connoisseur at Bitchin Kitchin and an outdoor enthusiast everywhere.

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