Sarah Coleman: Tips to stay cooler than cool |

Sarah Coleman: Tips to stay cooler than cool

Sarah Coleman
For Steamboat Pilot & Today
Sarah Coleman writes a monthly health and wellness column for Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Doesn’t it feel like summer got here overnight? I love it! With temperatures already in the 90s, here are a few tips to help stay cooler than cool this summer season.

Make your own frozen treats. Get creative, and mix and match flavors. Go for an old standby like lemonade and iced tea or jazz it up with coconut milk and fresh lime.

Buy a kiddie pool. That’s right, buy a pool and put it out in the yard. Fill with ice cubes and water and let your feet go for a soak after a hot day or a bike ride. The kids and dogs will love it, too.

Freeze washcloths. Get about 10 washcloths wet and roll them up in a Tupperware to place in the freezer. Whenever the temperature rises, simply grab one out and place over your forehead. It is like hot yoga without the yoga. Need a little pick me up? Add some essential oil drops to the washcloths for an original scent.

Sleep outside. Have a good old-fashioned sleepover in the backyard. Grab family or friends and sleep under the stars. The cold ground will help regulate temperature and the fresh air won’t hurt either. Learn a new constellation and share it with the group.

Cool as a cucumber. Slice cucumbers and place them in the fridge. Nothing feels like a spa day like a cold cucumber to the eyes. Sit back and relax and feel as cool as a cucumber.

Stay hydrated. Plain and simple: Drink lots and lots of water. Then, drink some more water. You can always half fill water bottles and freeze them so that your water is always ice cold and refreshing.

Try switching up your workout routine. Dawn patrol bike ride? Early morning run? Nighttime fitness scavenger hunt with headlamps? Get out of the midday heat with a fun different workout regimen.

Host a water fight. Buy some cheap water guns and go to town. Have fun. Get competitive. Buy some fun prizes. May the best man win.

Go skinny-dipping. Go on a hike and find a cold mountain lake. Strip down and hop on in. Bring a friend along for the fun.

Stay cool. Be cool. Keep cool.

Sarah Coleman is a wellness and recovery coach at Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat Springs, a fitness fanatic, a personal trainer, a CrossFitter, a food connoisseur at Bitchin Kitchin and an outdoor enthusiast everywhere.

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