Sarah Coleman: Dare to be the “Most Fun and Fittest” athlete |

Sarah Coleman: Dare to be the “Most Fun and Fittest” athlete

— As some of you may know, next week is the beginning of the CrossFit Games. As if CrossFit isn’t demanding enough, they now host annual “games” to determine the fittest men and women on Earth. Not a small task, we know. I have often thought of what it would be like to judge this event and design their tasks.

I assume it goes something like this … Hmm, let’s see now. How about we have the athletes run a mile as the first event? No wait, how about five miles? On second thought, by golly, let’s make them do a triathlon!

It is the most captivating event of any CrossFitter’s year and a colossal demonstration of what the top tier CrossFit athletes look and compete like. Even though it is the elite who compete, it is a constant reminder to us that dedication and hard work really do pay off. It’s amazing to see what the body and mind can really achieve. Bottom line, this may be the hardest thing many of these athletes will ever do. And it is exhausting simply to watch.

So, you ask, what the heck does this have to do with me? Although the games may not be on your bucket list, it can serve as a friendly reminder that we should mix things up every now and then and have a friendly competition.

There is no reason that fitness, exercise and great health should be boring. In fact, it should be fun and highly enjoyable. I dare you to start your journey to be the “Most Fun and Fittest” person on earth.

Your challenge — if you choose to accept it — is to find the fun in fitness at any occasion. Play new sports, adopt a dog, lunge with your child, play hopscotch, jump the stairs, find a way to make fitness a game or a friendly challenge. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Roll the dice

Pick a few exercises that you like. Simply roll the dice, and do the number shown. Sounds easy enough, right?

Play fetch with your dog

Don’t have one? Borrow your neighbor’s or friend’s dog and maybe give them a break for once. The game in this is to chase the ball with the dog. Yes, that’s right — play fetch.

Join a team

I would venture to say that Steamboat could be referred to as “Organized Sports Town USA.” We have so many different leagues to join out there. Find one that’s a fit for you, or even better, attempt to start your own.

Workplace fun

Try starting a fitness board at work where people acquire points for unique forms of fitness. Had an apple, check. Did five burpees, check. Initiated a plank off, check. A prize could be a month’s membership at a local gym for the person with the most points.

Regardless of your fitness, sport or game of choice, make it fun. Encourage others to join you. Create new ways of getting exercise in the most random of spots. And guess what — you will look better for having done it.

Who knows? Maybe next year we will be cheering you on at the CrossFit Games. Cheers to the “Most Fun and Fittest” person on earth. You can do it!

Sarah Coleman brings years of personal health and fitness knowledge to the table. Currently training, coaching and managing at Steamboat CrossFit in beautiful Steamboat Springs, she provides flawless technique and a positive attitude. Taking fitness to new levels, she uses the outdoor environment, your living room or work space, as well as the gym to influence and push her clientele. Funky knee socks and outrageous colors make Sarah unique, which transfers into her training and brings a smile to everyone’s face.

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