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Randy Fox: Trucks: Stay right

— Have you noticed lately that all large trucks passing through Steamboat are always in the left driving lane. Large trucks such as cement trucks, dirt trucks, log trucks, etc.

They seem to always be in a hurry to pick up another load. I thought the common road rule was that the left lane was for faster traffic and the right lane was for slower and more cautious drivers. It’s petrifying to you to have one of these trucks on your rear end, thinking that the light is quickly going to turn red and that awful feeling that one of them is going over the top of you, if you dare try to stop. It’s only a matter of time.

Solution? Post signs that state all large trucks stay in the right lane, unless turning, while passing through Steamboat Springs or they will be ticketed. I shouldn’t have said all trucks, I really meant nine out of 10, and I shouldn’t have said all drivers, I really meant just the ones who are in a hurry. Take a look around you and see if I’m not half right.

Randy Fox

Steamboat Springs