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On Scene: Newcomer’s first Fourth

Brandon Gee

Newcomer’s first Fourth

One of the last columns I wrote for my college newspaper before graduating and moving to Steamboat Springs was called “Oh, the places you’ll never go.” It discussed all the places around campus that I had never set foot in more than four years. Some of these places were the indoor swimming pool and a city park just blocks away. I would have been able to add the biological sciences building to the list if not for the fact that it sometimes housed the closest usable restroom on Sundays after my house threw parties.

I was troubled by all the things I had never taken advantage of and realized that part of the reason I hadn’t was because I had always assumed I’d do it “some other time.” Well, four years flew by pretty fast and a lot of those times never came.

Resolved not to make the same mistakes again here in Steamboat, I have made a point of doing something new whenever I can. Hiking, tubing, golfing and hitting some hot springs are among the things I’ve done so far. This profession is nice because some days I get to do new things while working as well. Wednesday, when I covered Steamboat’s Fourth of July parade, was one of those days.

Steamboat is the smallest town I’ve ever lived in. I found it both strange and pleasing to already be seeing so many people I have met before while covering the parade. It was also cool to interact with children (as the business reporter, those opportunities are rare), and I liked how prominent a role they play in Steamboat’s parade.

The parade exemplified many Steamboat’s qualities, including its citizens’ intolerance for hot weather. The heat almost soured my experience as well, but a quick trip to weather.com, which revealed 88 percent humidity back home in Indiana, compared to 16 percent here, quickly changed that.

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– Brandon Gee