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Alexis DeLaCruz

Gobble, gobble

— For a girl like me – who doesn’t even know how to cook a baked potato – the Community Thanksgiving Dinner is a great event. Of course, it’s also good for poor college students, social butterflies and those who can’t be with their families on Thanksgiving.

Even if you just don’t feel like cooking, the community dinner offers delicious food and the sanctioned opportunity to gain a few pounds.

I played musical chairs as I attempted to fully cover the event, and every table welcomed me with a pilgrim spirit. All attendees commented about the strong sense of community they felt at the Steamboat Springs Community Center.

For some families, the dinner has become a tradition and a way to give back to the community each year. The 50 volunteers who helped out throughout the afternoon wore huge smiles and were as sweet as the pie served for dessert.

I just felt bad for the 33 turkeys.

– Allison Plean

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Two days too early

If I had known the Steamboat Ski Area would receive 16 inches of fresh pow Tuesday, I would have waited to make my inaugural 2006-07 snowboarding run.

Instead, I went Sunday. I wasn’t feeling well, had a freshly tuned (see: fast) board and was forced to navigate the glacier-sized patches of ice that covered the ski area’s few open trails.

If you know me – or have ever seen me, you know that falling on my rear isn’t really a concern, but on Sunday, I began to wonder where all my skills had gone after I caught an edge, slid over a mogul and landed on my butt. And I did it over and over again.

Usually I laugh those things off, but I wasn’t laughing Monday morning, when it was a struggle just to roll out of bed and make it downstairs.

I don’t ever remember being as sore as I was Monday. My roommate, who shall remain nameless, also was feeling the pains of the start of the season as we sat on the futon eating yogurt, taking naps and feeling lame.

I’m over the aches now, except the ache in my heart from not being able to get up on the mountain Tuesday. Regardless, I am psyched to stop sucking, regain my skills, and shred.

Cheers to you, snow.

– Alexis DeLaCruz