Off the Beaten Path to showcase a number of local and visiting authors |

Off the Beaten Path to showcase a number of local and visiting authors


— Literary inspiration is an attainable asset when living in the Yampa Valley.

"It's a restful, peaceful, inspiring scene that the mountains provide," said local author Dee Hubbard. "No other town is quite like this."

Perhaps this is why Steamboat has more authors per capita than most small towns with a population of 12,100. And this summer, Off the Beaten Path has a new lineup of authors for their "Books & Brews" happy hour and events series.

The book-signing events offer a way for visitors and locals to discuss an author's perspective and inspiration for the novels found in the store. Each of the book signings is free to attend and will be continuing throughout the summer as the primary "literary happy hour" in town.

"I would say that Steamboat has a rich and diverse literary community and it’s been an honor to nurture this creativity," said Logan Farmer, one of the organizers for “Books & Brews.” "It's an easy way to support local artistry while meeting a published author over a glass of local beer. What could be better than that?"

This weekend, local author and physician Stacy Childs will be signing his book, "The Boys of the Dixie Pig," at 6 p.m. Saturday at the bookstore. His newly released book is a child's debut novel based on five boys in junior high school who referred to each other as the "troughers," a name that was inspired by a banana split dessert. The story takes a turn of mystery and intrigue once the boys go their separate ways and meet later in life.

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Childs’ previous book, "Block 10," was nominated for a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award.

On Aug. 12, Off the Beaten Path will host the All Arts Festival Local Author Showcase featuring local and visiting authors. The literary talents of Dee Hubbard, Chuck McConnell, John Grassby, Cesare Rosati and Jeff Howe will be showcased.

Hubbard will discuss his first novel, "Charlie's Pride," which reflects the beauty, excitement and reverence he sees and feels for the wilderness. It's a story that was inspired by the vast number of fishing guides who made a collective impression on him over time.

"I learned something from almost every guide, anything from the feelings they had for the resource (the river) to how much they care about the rivers even if it's not always wild," Hubbard said. "These guys just love being outside and being part of it. I hope people will learn a bit, laugh a little, cry a little and feel good when they finish the book."

Also on the list for the Local Author Showcase will be McConnell with his novel, "Fire with Fire," a political/military thriller and the first book in the new Jack Tallon series. McConnell is currently working on his next Tallon novel focused on an international conspiracy to manipulate oil prices.

With his series titled "The Brock Saga," Rosati will be speaking at the event about his series, “The Brock Saga,” and Grassby will introduce “Mexico Sunrise,” a sequel to his first novel, "Calcutta Sunrise."

Two visiting authors with a strong connection to Steamboat will also be at the bookstore this summer.

With his first, self-published book, Howe personally relates to life as a ski bum in his book, "Into the Roaring Forks."

"I look at it from the standpoint that when you graduate and you love the mountains and skiing, you want to follow that lifestyle before going into the real world, and Steamboat can relate to that because it truly is the quintessential ski town," Howe said. "Steamboat fits so perfectly with this book."

Set in Aspen in 1985, the novel is an unexpected tale of suspense and mystery in the local backcountry where the main character Alex encounters a kidnapping plot.

"The setting of the story takes place in the summer, and I want readers to learn how to look at mountains in a different way too. That's where the darker side of the story comes in," Howe said.

New author Jo Ivester will be signing her first book, “The Outskirts of Hope,” on July 22. She has been visiting Steamboat since the early 1990s and has lived all over the southeastern part of the U.S. but spent two years growing up in Mississippi.

The book is her mother's coming-of-age story from homemaker to teacher who always had intentions of inspiring young kids at any age.

"Steamboat is a gem of a city, which is why we want to retire there," Investor said. "But this is more about the book, it's about being able to step into this artistic, cultural community that I feel is open to and welcoming to engage with and be part of. We are so appreciative of the community in this way."

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