Most Eligible Bachelor: Jacob Custer |

Most Eligible Bachelor: Jacob Custer

Jacob Custer, best bachelor

It's a daunting title in a ski town, but one from which Jacob Custer isn't shying away.

"For a 28-year-old, I pretty much have my act together and am probably more mature than most people my age," says Custer of the surprising accolades. "I'm independent, hard-working and a caring, good guy. The only thing I'm not good at is talking about myself."

So we'll let his brother sing his praises.

"He's a stud and a great catch," says brother Clay, who's a year older at 29, happily married, and owns Best of the Boat winning plumbing company Perfect Slope. "He's good looking, thoughtful and sweet. And hard working doesn't even begin to describe his work ethic. He's going to be the most caring family provider a gal could get."

Plus, Clay adds, Jacob is a bad-ass snowmobiler and motorcycle rider and has an awesome 1800cc hog of a bike and Toyota Tundra truck. "Whether they're riding on the back of the hog or snowmobile, or alongside him in his truck, gals are going to be happy riding with him," he says.

His only potential downfall, he adds, is he's a tad shy — much more than Clay, or their younger brother Ben, who's finishing his senior year at Ft. Lewis.

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"He's not as outgoing as we are, but as soon as girls get to know him, they love him," Clay says. "We're all just waiting."

Chances are, they won't have to wait long. Born and raised in Steamboat, Jacob graduated from Steamboat High School in 2006 and Durango's Fort Lewis College in 2011. Then he moved to Austin, Texas, for four years as a general contractor, before moving back to Steamboat last November and opening Custer Contracting.

As for what makes him so appealing, Jacob shrugs and says it likely just stems from his Steamboat upbringing. "I guess I was just raised with good values," he says. "If and when I start a family, I want to do it here."