More than 240 participate in annual Steamboat Pentathlon |

More than 240 participate in annual Steamboat Pentathlon

Barkley Robinson, Hannah Williams win men's, women's standard course races

Barkley Robinson skates up Howelsen Hill on Saturday during the 20th annual Steamboat Pentathlon. Robinson was the top overall finisher on the standard course.
Luke Graham

— The endurance challenge known as the Steamboat Pentathlon entered its 20th year Saturday.

And with the Steamboat Springs staple comes all sorts of competitors.

There are teams such as the one from The Lowell Whiteman School that spent months training and the past two weeks mastering the course. There was a strong contingent of teams and soloists from Manic Training, sporting their own apparel and out to prove those workouts are worth it.

There were first-timers, veterans and the guy in town who wins every race — yes, Barkley Robinson won again Saturday in the standard course.

Then there is the “Can you believe it?” case of 6-year-old Erik Belshaw. Uninterested in joining his sister’s team, Erik completed the short course by himself. To understand Erik’s decision, people must first understand that the Steamboat athlete doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Erik’s dad, Allen, usually finishes near the top of the standard course and is a constant top finisher in the Steamboat Springs Running Series.

“He was pretty motivated,” said Allen Belshaw, who did the short course with Erik. “If he wanted to do it, he was more than welcome. If he wanted to sit down and be done, that was OK, too. I thought there would be some more difficult sections of the course. But he stayed positive the whole time and kept the ball rolling. There wasn’t a hard section.”

Erik, who skis with the Steam­boat Springs Winter Sports Club, has done races before. He has biked, run and skied before.

But on Saturday, he put them all together. He said he liked the bike section the best, but quickly realized what most pentathletes realize later in their careers.

“The beginning of the running after biking isn’t that fun,” said Erik, who finished the short course in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 57 seconds. “That combination is hard.”

The 20th annual Steamboat Pentathlon drew more than 240 competitors Saturday for what has become one of Steamboat’s premier winter athletic events.

The event begins with an intimidating jaunt up Howelsen Hill and a ski or snowboard trip back down. From there, it’s a snowshoe run, cross-country skiing, a mountain bike ride and a run.

The standard course is about double the short course.

Hannah Williams won the women’s standard course, finishing in 2:26:50, and Megan Gregg was second in 2:29:04.

Robinson won the men’s standard course in 1:54:24, with Brad Bingham finishing second in 1:59:01.

Jody Gale won the women’s short course in 1:33:05, with Tasha Thrasher second in 1:34:45. Jeff Minotto won the men’s short course in 1:17:29. Ian Gale was second in 1:19:03.

Those in attendance had varied reasons for putting themselves through two hours of torture.

The Lowell Whiteman team of James Austin, Tom Vrba, Sadie Grossbaum, Madison Marshall and Andrew Cosgrove started putting a team together two months ago. They originally wanted to do a girls, a boys and a faculty team. Saturday’s featured all of that on one team.

“They got excited. I didn’t realize how competitive some of them were until they were talking about winning,” said Brian Smith, who oversaw the team of first-timers from Lowell Whiteman. “There was a lot of camaraderie.”

But maybe none outdid that of the Belshaws.

Erik nipped his father by two seconds Saturday, but Allen Belshaw had a theory.

“Did you hold back in the run so you could out-sprint me in the finish?” Belshaw asked Erik. “You had that smile on your face.”

“Yes,” Erik said, with the same wide-faced grin.

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2011 Steamboat Pentathlon results

March 5

■ Standard course

Women 18 to 29

  1. Hannah Williams, 2:26:50
  2. Megan Gregg, 2:29:04

Women 40 to 49

  1. Tara Breed, 2:45:37

Men 18 to 29

  1. Tyler Klansnic, 2:11:41
  2. Peter Kalmes, 2:14:31
  3. Evan Carver, 2:17:24
  4. Dmitri Brown, 2:23:23

Men 30 to 39

  1. Barkley Robinson, 1:54:24
  2. Brad Bingham, 1:59:01
  3. Andrew Picking, 2:09:34
  4. TJ Thrasher, 2:13:56
  5. Ryan Bentley, 2:38:10
  6. Andrew Pratt, 2:50:55

Men 40 to 49

  1. Scott Kempers, 2:06:52
  2. Bill Wright, 2:14:16
  3. Eric Coppock, 2:16:09
  4. Ben Clark, 2:17:06
  5. Scott Blair, 2:19:12
  6. Billy Van Ness, 2:24:55
  7. David Newcomer, 2:39:27
  8. Larry Lindeman, 2:55:34

Men 60 and older

  1. John Thrasher, 3:00:45
  2. Jim Gregoire, 3:10:26

■ Short course

Women 17 and younger

  1. Melissa Requist, 2:08:23

Women 18 to 29

  1. Nicholette Durkan, 1:39:54
  2. Elizabeth Londner, 1:41:43
  3. Julie Wernig, 1:43:14
  4. Rachel Ryan, 1:53:37
  5. Kim Chotvacs, 2:24:07

Women 30 to 39

  1. Jody Gale, 1:33:05
  2. Tasha Thrasher, 1:34:45
  3. Angela Bogenrief, 1:35:55
  4. Kirsten Alder, 1:39:15
  5. Chelsea Newby, 1:48:23
  6. Jennifer Tamburrino, 1:57:45
  7. Amelia Conrado, 2:02:00
  8. Kimberly Morrison, 2:10:50
  9. Amy Wilson, 2:13:05

Women 40 to 49

  1. Jen Kerr, 1:36:48
  2. Stephanie Faunce, 2:22:14
  3. Sandy Johnson, 2:27:54

Men 17 and younger

  1. Nicholas Madden, 1:35:14
  2. Grant Andrews, 1:39:27
  3. Erik Belshaw, 2:35:57

Men 18 to 29

  1. Matt Stensland, 1:28:42
  2. Gerry Verdoner, 1:45:58
  3. Benjamin Yanda, 1:58:01

Men 30 to 39

  1. Jeff Minotto, 1:17:29
  2. Ian Gale, 1:19:03
  3. Jeff Snook, 1:24:41
  4. Jason Mills, 1:34:37
  5. James Thompson, 1:37:10
  6. Matt Kane, 1:37:12
  7. Josh Stierwalt, 1:51:06
  8. Nicholas Haley, 1:56:01

Men 40 to 49

  1. Darrin Fryer, 1:19:15
  2. Eric Morrison, 1:39:58
  3. David Rudnick, 1:41:16
  4. Tony Requist, 1:42:23
  5. William Faunce, 1:47:54
  6. Ernie Johnson, 2:27:53
  7. Allen Belshaw, 2:35:59

Men 60 and older

  1. Jon Geller, 1:53:30

■ Team male standard

1. Honey Stinger/BAP, 2:08:22

Jeremiah Jackson, Jackson Wren, Carter Miller, Diego Girard, Nick Sunseri

2. Manic Training/SmartWool/Ski 4 Yellow, 2:11:47

Graham Muir, Coury Armstrong, Will Carlton, Robbie Shine, Eric Meyer

3. Alpine Bank/Ski 4 Yellow, 2:12:51

David High, Bobby Aldighieri, Darren Robinson, Kerry Shea, Scott Myller

4. Rotary, 2:20:45

John Holloway, Michael Roberts, John Pougiales, Mark Anderson, Walt Daub

■ Team female standard

1. Manic Training/SmartWool/Drunken Onion, 2:12:55

Joan Donham, Allison Finn, Shannon Forbes, Adrienne Stroock, Sarah Hamilton

2. Creekside, 2:32:01

Kelly Landers, Carri Wullner, Jessica Lobeck, Lynn Picking

3. La Montana, 2:36:49

Katherine Weeks, Lisa Barbour, Beth Davison, Paul Jaconetta, Sarah Westendorf

4. Ski Town Stroller Yoga Mamas, 3:05:55

Kaela Miller, Kym Rydnick, Catherine Beattie, Karen Goedert, Allison St. John

■ Team coed standard

1. Black Tie Ski Rentals, 1:57:19

Joe Sternberg, Steph Scholl, April Thomas, Dillon Olchin

2. Throttlesocks, 2:14:53

Morgan Peterson, Pete Kraska, Kristen Stemp, Garrett Branson, Corey Piscopo

3. Brown Down, 2:20:44

Helen Brown, Amy Brown, Bart Kounovsky

4. Teamboat, 2:28:04

C.W. Portell, Sam Castaldo, Missy Detzner, Matt Kilgriff, Kevin Thompson

5. Limit 3, 2:41:06

Andrea Schutt, Danny Armstrong, Elizabeth Jikisch

6. Fierce Invalids, 2:51:18

Claudia Stout, Ben Stout, Matt Martin, Nat Warning, Austin Sheridan


1. Pickle on the Side, 2:17:59

Deirdre Pepin and David Pepin

2. Team Buzz, 2:28:32

Adam Karges and John Strandholm

3. Team 2D, 2:40:16

Deborah Rose and Diane Anderson

4. Ruck You, 3:48:17

Carissa Unrein and Hannah Menke

■ Team Dynamic duo short

1. Best of Show, 1:19:46

Garett Mariano and Dave Wittlinger

2. Meet the Grandparents, 1:45:20

Steve Leblanc and Laura Leblanc

3. Snow-Mushers, 1:53:26

Dale Little and Dewayne Little

■ Team coed short

1. The Burger Bunch, 1:19:30

Darby Dale-Burger, Jack Burger, Keegan Burger, Greg Burger

2. The Lowell Whiteman School, 1:27:30

Sadie Grossbaum, Madison Marshall, Tom Vrba, Andrew Cosgrove, James Austin

3. OTHS Lifesavers, 1:28:12

Jesse Brooks, Ali Moyer, Eddie Rogers, Paul Wiemers

4. Frosted Flakes, 1:29:09

Jen Travis, Renee Newcomer, Dave Martinez

5. The Buffs, 1:29:57

Zach Ruppel, Brian Carpenter, Julia Rubinstein

6. CSMR Rehabees, 1:33:22

Bob Furman, Rebecca Lindeman, Jim Anderson, Tyler Jacobs, Roberta Orr

7. Pentatharents, 1:34:41

Laura Sankey, Sarah Floyd, Danielle Skov, Greg Dixson, Kevin Sankey

8. CSMR Rehabers, 1:35:17

Melissa Baumgartner, Kiarra Guzman, Leslie Rene, Kamen Velikov, Andrea Hallman

9. BAP Team 3, 1:37:44

Chris Pottinger, Melanie Maltby, Allison Harris, Kellie Nelson, Amy S

10. Horizons, 1:39:23

Mike Dwire, Sally Kate Shepard, Tommy Larson, Paige Kirchner, Nicole Lecuyer

11. BAP, 1:40:59

Glenn Davis, Melissa Minter, Rose Alford, Doug Starkey, Lauran Dodge

12. Feldmann Nagel, 1:43:32

Tori Allen, Liana Gregory, Krista Anderson, Sherri Sweers, Charles Feldmann

■ Team youth short

1. Christy Sports NexGen, 1:16:05

Finn O’Connell, Kathleen O’Connell, Natalie Bohlmann, Koby Vargas, Domanique Katthain

2. Pentathletes, 1:18:40

Jordi Floyd, Logan Sankey, Lark Skov, Tait Dixson, Charlie Beurskins

3. Terranova, 1:19:53

Samantha Terranova, Tyler Terranova, Sven Tate, Evan Barbier, Frank Ruppell

4. Snot Nosed Punks, 1:27:19

Elijah Vargas, Wyatt Gebhardt, Noel Keefe, Decker Dean, Murphy Bohlmann

5. Burger, 1:31:28

Shae Burger, Tatum Burger, Teague Burger, Tamy Katthain, Ethan Dyer

6. Nordic Girls, 1:51:56

Waverly Gebhardt, Anna Terranova, Maggie Morton, Madison Knutson, Reilly Mewborn

7. Future Olympians, 1:54:05

Nolan Sankey, Colton Sankey, Brendan Andrews, Peter Rosenthal, Kelly Ryan

8. Team Dylan & Steven, 1:54:20

Dylan Wallace, Steven Baumgartner

9. The Super Troopers, 1:58:54

Annika Belshaw, Benton Sherman, Gala Katthain, Matthew Kempers, Mae Thorp

10. Zirkel Zoomers, 2:22:06

Canden Wilkinson, Raffaela Pietras, Mason Voyvodic, Gabe Rabanal, Alex Paoli

■ Team female short

1. Team Fierce, 1:26:52

Olivia Rose and Mallory Richey

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