Meet singer-songwriter Louise, Lately, who sings folk-inspired bluegrass |

Meet singer-songwriter Louise, Lately, who sings folk-inspired bluegrass

Louise, Lately is an indie-folk singer-songwriter who makes her first Steamboat Springs appearance Saturday, May 4, at The Press.
courtesy of Louise, Lately

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Louise, Lately is an indie-folk singer-songwriter based in Denver. Known off-stage as Abigail-Louise Feldman, the pianist, guitarist and vocalist released her first EP in November 2018. With a soaring, clear voice and relatable lyrics, Louise, Lately creates a sound that kindles sentiments of a cozy coffee shop packed with people craning forward to better hear her music.

“I heard her music, and it was exciting, it was different,” The Press owner and manager Ed Andreoni said. “I always want to give a new artist a shot.”

Louise, Lately takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 4, at The Press and returns for a second show Saturday, June 1.

Explore Steamboat: How did you first get into making music?
Louise, Lately: I’ve been making music since I was a little kid. I’ve always been a singer, and I started playing piano when I was really young, writing little songs for myself. I grew up listening to Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Joni Mitchell — singing along, wanting to be just like them. In college, I started playing guitar. I didn’t study music in college, which is crazy to me now. I was a theater performance major, which gave me the ability to perform.

ES: What’s your journey been like, from college to now?
LL: I graduated and was doing some acting when a good friend of mine, a musician, said, “You’ve got a great voice, and you play guitar. Do you want to play a show with me?” I’d never played a show before. But we did, and I said, “I should have been doing this all along! I need to make this my whole focus.” I started driving around to coffee shops, restaurants, bars, anywhere and started saving up money to put out my first album.

ES: You’re originally from Des Moines, Iowa, then moved to Nashville for a bit and now live in Denver. How did you decide to make those changes and how have the moves affected your music?
LL: Nashville wasn’t the place for me; I don’t really do country music. I do a lot of folk-inspired storytelling, bluegrass, and I knew Denver was a really up-and-coming music city with a lot happening. When I moved to Denver, I noticed that I started writing a lot more bluegrass and folk because there’s more of that here. People are a lot more receptive to that. I’ve been able to really blossom with that kind of music.

ES: In 2018, you released the EP “Young God,” an album with 5 tracks. For people who haven’t heard it yet, how do you describe the album?
LL: The thread that ties these five songs together is they’ve been written in the past seven years, during something momentous, during an extreme high or an extreme low in my life that I thought I’d maybe never experience again. What I tried to do was use that folk storytelling to illustrate what I’ve lived through in a way that people can connect with.  

ES: Since then, what have you been focusing on?
LL: I’m working on a full-length album, putting finishing touches on songs. I’m hoping to release it in the fall of this year. I’m also planning a few little music tours up through Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, hitting little places, playing anywhere that I can, and getting to really know and love the music scene here in Colorado.

If you go

What: Louise, Lately
When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 4, and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 1
Where: The Press, 1009 Lincoln Ave.

ES: Have you ever played in Steamboat before?
LL: I haven’t — I’m so excited! Every time I say I’m heading to Steamboat this weekend, whoever I’m talking to says, “It’s so beautiful there!”

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