Medical Matrimony: Scott and Kristen Fahrner |

Medical Matrimony: Scott and Kristen Fahrner

Scott Franz

Photo by Matt Stensland

Scott and Kristen Fahrner were looking at a map on their dining room table in Portland, Maine, several years ago when Colorado stood out. It didn't take a stethoscope to hear its call.

Scott remembered how fun it was to race on a mountain bike in Steamboat Springs. So, in 2008 they decided it was time to raise their family here.

“We thought the odds of our getting dream jobs in a dream place would be similar to winning the lottery,” Scott says. “I guess we won the lottery.”

Both able to land jobs in their respective fields, Scott is an anesthesiologist at Yampa Valley Medical Center and Kristen an otolaryngologist with fellowship certification in allergy. Kristen says it takes teamwork to juggle their busy medical schedules with family time and other obligations, but that it's worth every scribble on their calendar.

“Fortunately, Kristen is very organized and one of the best planners I know,” Scott says. “And fortunately, cell phones exist. A lot of planning happens in the car between the pool and home, Howelsen Hill and home, the tennis center and home, and the schools and home.”

The Fahrners have two very active and involved daughters. Their oldest, Annika, plays tennis and swims year round, and the youngest, Becca, swims, mountain bikes, dances, plays tennis and ski jumps.

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Adding to the mix of gear in their garage, Scott recently added skate skiing to his list of sports and Kristen loves playing tennis.

All that recreation and running around, of course,

occurs when they're not manning their respective medical offices, vocations they wouldn't trade for the world.

“It's gratifying to be practicing where I truly feel like part of a community,” Scott says. “It helps me feel passionate about being a physician. Nothing about it feels like a factory. The patients are from your community.”

Kristen adds that her patients here are very unique. “In general, the patients we see in Steamboat seem to be very invested in their health, and take an active role not only in the treatment of medical illness, but also in prevention,” she says. “It's gratifying to be a part of this process and to help improve the quality of their lives.”