Lynn Abbott: All people equal |

Lynn Abbott: All people equal

This is an open letter to Paul Epley.

Dear Mr. Epley: You say liberals don’t recognize moral absolutes. I am proud to be a liberal and proud to be part of a group which takes its moral values very seriously. This group is the Routt County Democrats. Perhaps I could send you one of our tee shirts. We wear our values on our backs at every parade, community gathering and meeting place. We’re proud of our values and happy to discuss them.

We believe that all people are created equal. We believe that all people have the right to worship or not to worship as they please. We know that these tenets are guaranteed by our Constitution. It is neither right nor proper for governmental decisions to be based on the demands of a particular religious conviction; such decisions must be based on rule of law. In other words, separation of church and state.

Further, we believe that our President and his administration must follow that rule of law. We cannot condone an administration that acts above the law. We do not accept the abridgement of our civil liberties through warrantless wire-tapping or various provisions of the Patriot Act. Nor do we condone the manipulation of justice by political contamination of the Department Of Justice. We stand firmly for the rights of the individual under the law – in a land where justice is served by the rule of law, not by political maneuvering. In other words, Government Integrity.

We believe in Real Security. Real security depends on collaborative diplomacy as well as competently managed military strength. It relies on respect for cultures who may be different from ours but who seek a peaceful world just as we do. We must work together with them to bring Peace to the global community.

Peace, real security, government integrity, separation of church andstate. These are four of the values on our tee shirts. There are four others on our shirts, and a total of 20 in our Statement of Democratic Values. Many of these you decry as “advancing a social good.” We’re proud of our efforts to advance the social good. We can save that discussion for another time. Meanwhile, shall I send you a shirt?

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Lynn Abbott

Steamboat Springs