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Looking back: President’s health big concern

Steamboat Springs — 50 years ago — 50 years ago

— 50 years ago

From the Thursday, Jan. 2, 1958, edition of the Steamboat Pilot:

By Roger W. Babson

Next to the Russian situation, President Eisenhower’s condition will be of supreme importance. What its influence upon Russia will be, nobody knows. It probably will not affect general business. : The major effect of the president’s condition will be political. Those close to the president, for both friendship and political reasons, are hoping for his recovery in health and in memory. Others in charge of the Republican Party, anxious about his possible incapacitation or death, would like to see him resign and drop out of the picture in order to give Vice President Nixon a good build-up in the hope of re-electing the Republican Party again in 1960.

The present Cold War will be intensified in 1958. This will increase fear of war, which could greatly affect retail sales.

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Russian policy will be aimed at securing control of the United States, the countries of Western Europe, and the Middle East by infiltration. … The cold war costs the United States billions of dollars annually.

Christmas tree travels through Routt County

The spectacular roaming Christmas tree was seen by additional hundreds this year. After bringing delight to all Steamboat Springs youngsters on Christmas Eve, the members of the Lions Club took the spectacular Christmas display to other towns in the county Christmas night and the night after. … The traveling tree was devised by Walter Webber and he made the rounds for many years with candy and popcorn for all Steamboat Springs children.

Pilot opinion

A bright new year has arrived and it brings with it a spirit of optimism and good cheer. There are many indications that 1958 has many good things in store for Northwest Colorado. While many sections of the country are feeling a slight setback, in this area there is every indication that better things are in store and that we will continue to grow and prosper.

There are indications that 1958 will find better livestock prices, and livestock still is the backbone of our economy. The outlook for agriculture in general is not as black as it has been in the past, despite the general feeling that we have an administration that thinks a lot of small farms and ranches should go out of existence.

The oil industry is on the upgrade here, and recent discoveries presage a much more extensive drilling campaign during the year. The discovery south of Milner should mean that exploration in a large area of the county will be carried on in extensive fashion.

The vast coal deposits are becoming increasingly valuable, and some day the great wealth of resources will be utilized more than it is today. The use of coal for the generation of power is still the most economical method developed.

As research and experimentation continue undoubtedly many other uses for this vast storehouse of energy will be found.

As for the recreational outlook, it grows increasingly bright. The new Buffalo Pass road and other improvements on the vast Routt forest should help attract an increasingly large number of summer visitors. Few areas in the nation offer the majestic scenery, the many miles of unposted streams and the countless clear lakes, to be found within a short distance.

Northwest Colorado is certain to grow in popularity with summer visitors and lovers of the great outdoors.

The pleasures of the wintertime are becoming known to more and more thousands each year. In Steamboat Springs there is an unequalled opportunity for enjoyment of skiing and more and more are certain to come to this area. In Storm Mountain there is a great ski potential that rivals anything this side of the Alps and we believe development will get underway before too long a time.

This is a great country, rich in resources, and people with a hardy and progressive citizenry, so it has every indication of being a great 1958.