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Looking Back for Oct. 26, 1958

From the Thursday, Oct. 23, 1958, edition of The Steamboat Pilot:

The number of voters in Routt County is declining. The count of those registered was completed yesterday by County Clerk Cecil Rorex and his staff, and it shows 3,831 qualified to cast a ballot this year. In 1956, there were 4,070 eligible.

Office seekers are hammering down the home stretch in the final hunt for Routt County voters.

Registration lists closed Monday, and there are an estimated 4,000 eligible to cast a ballot Nov. 4.

The amendments to be voted on are attracting much attention this year. Amendment No. 5, the so-called right-to-work proposal, has created a flurry of activity and undoubtedly will account for many votes. There are many very determined workers on both sides, and it is one of the things that has created more than normal interest in the election.

Amendment No. 1, the civil service reform proposal, also will be a vote getter. Many state workers are being urged by other department leaders to campaign enthusiastically against the plan. On the other hand, those who have worked as a provisional for many years without an examination want the plan passed.

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Amendment No. 4, to legalize bingo and similar games by church and patriotic groups also has attracted much attention. Most church groups are working actively against the proposal, and several of the veterans’ organizations are working for the amendment.

Officials edgy as fire

danger rises to peak

A careful, careless camper caused a two-acre timber fire on Morrison Creek, which was squelched Sunday through the efforts of three ranchers and official firefighters.

The camper had apparently taken great care in dousing the fire, but he carelessly built the fire over a decayed log. It apparently burned over the log for several days and then broke out 30 feet from the campfire.

Campers are warned to take care in the location of their fires, as well as cleanup work as exemplified by this careful, yet careless camper.

Steamboat Springs ski area work moving ahead

Crosby Perry-Smith and Rex Gill have been busy the past two weeks repairing and readying the Steamboat Springs ski area for this winter’s ski enthusiasts.

The tow house has been cleaned out and the broken windows replaced. All the T-bars have been removed and have been repaired to operate on the lowered lift with greater safety and efficiency.