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Looking back for Nov. 6, 1958

County follows trend in election

— Nearly 2,000 voters went to the polls Tuesday in Routt County and for the most part the voting followed the state and national trend.

The three local races for county office held the center of attention. Andrew J. McDermott, Republican, was elected over Robert H. Hubbard, Democrat, for a four-year term on the board of county commissioners. The election of McDermott will give control of the board of commissioners to the Republicans for the first time in many years.

Denver firm buys large quantities of aspen trees

The promise of a profitable use for the great supply of aspen in Routt County is heralded by the sale of 600 cords to a Denver Excelsior firm by the Maijal brothers of Yampa.

The firm wants the peeled aspen in big quantities to process and market for use in air conditioning, insulating and packing cases. It is paying $25 a cord for the aspen, shipped to Denver.

Pilot Opinion: Whoever won, congratulations

Of a necessity, because of mechanical reasons, it is necessary for most weekly newspapers to have the editorial written before the election results are known.

Some people have a notion that the many pages of a paper are thrown together with the wave of a wand. They do not realize the many hours necessary to set the type and prepare the pages for printing, nor do they realize the time necessary to print the pages.

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Many have watched the big city newspaper run and that seems like an effortless proceeding. However, even there it is not, although they do have the machinery and manpower to keep up closer to events.

The privilege of voting for public officials is one of the cornerstones of our republic, and all too many do not exercise their franchise. If we were denied the vote, there would be a clamor and probably a revolution every so often.

There is a fallacy that the best man wins an election, and that is not necessarily so. At election time the charges and countercharges fly so thick and so fast that often times many voters are more than slightly confused.

Prejudices rise to the top and, often, clear thinking goes by the wayside in the barrage of ballots.

This is still a young nation and the end result shows that people generally use good judgment and that the nation goes on its way despite the dire warnings sounded at election time.

In the nation, both parties have one eye cocked on the presidential election of 1960. Many of the state contests are fought with 1960 in mind. Some of those roaming up and down the country had their minds more on the presidential election than they did on local issues.

But anyway, we hope the best men won Tuesday.

County tax levy same, but expenses greater

The tax levy for county purposes to Routt County for next year will remain the same as this year, despite more funds needed for general county purposes. Most counties in the state have had to increase the levy for next year because of the generally increasing prices and the salary increase for officials voted by the last legislators.