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Singer-songwriter Trevor G. Potter supports Steamboat music

Margaret Hair

Singer-songwriter Trevor G. Potter performs at 5 p.m. today at Rex's American Grill & Bar.

— Steamboat Springs singer-songwriter Trevor G. Potter isn’t trying to be the center of attention.

Even when he calls a reporter to talk about nurturing the local music scene, Potter doesn’t plan to do an on-the-spot interview. But he’s willing to do it, as part of the same commitment that pushes him to perform a few times a week, book other local musicians for his shows and spread the word about Steamboat’s wealth of musical talent.

“I’m not really big into the spotlight that much. But I certainly am passionate about the music and for other people to hear it,” Potter said. “I get a certain sense of enjoyment out of it, and it’s sort of progressed where I got enjoyment listening to it, then I got enjoyment playing it, and now I get enjoyment from other people listening to it.”

With one CD of verse-driven acoustic Americana behind him and a second in the works, Potter spent part of his six years in Steamboat working in radio, and now gigs as a full-time musician. His all-day, everyday commitment to local music is working out well, Potter said, with regular weekend sets at Rex’s American Grill & Bar, performances at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill set for Sunday evenings in July, and periodic shows at Old Town Pub.

“It’s nice that the community is able to support that kind of music. That’s a pretty good testimony as to the fact that if it’s available, people will come out and see it,” he said.

Potter spoke with 4 Points about diversifying offerings and increasing accessibility in local music, and outright enjoying making and listening to it.

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4 Points: How would you describe the music you play?

Trevor G. Potter: I would say it’s singer-songwriter and it leans toward Americana. It’s acoustic-based, and it’s mostly original.

When I play out I play mostly covers, because I have to play some material that people know, but the material on the CDs is all original.

4P: When we first started talking, you mentioned you were looking to create and enhance a local music scene. Can you talk about that some more?

TGP: Just in the fact that : certainly the more venues that are available and the more people that are playing out, it just kind of enhances that portion of the community.

And Steamboat for the most part, besides being a resort community, we’re an arts community, as well. And just to have the option of live music on a regular basis is great, especially when the town is home to a lot of pretty talented musicians.

That and the fact that, you know, for a while there were only a few venues. And they were mostly late night venues, which caters more to a younger crowd – which is great, and I certainly go out and enjoy seeing those shows and playing those shows. But it’s also nice to be able to go out and have some food and have a beer and catch some music. :

There are a lot of people in town who are past that (late night) age I guess. Those scenes don’t start until 10 o’clock at night, and a lot of people are done by 10 o’clock at night.

4P: What do you think that adds to a community, to have options outside of that late night setup?

TGP: There are a lot of people that are pretty active in the community, but they have families and are past the point in their life when they’re just going full throttle, and I think it just makes that same live music available to that niche, as well.

And then the other thing is, there are all kinds of music. And being kind of in this singer-songwriter niche, I think a lot of times it appeals to more of an attentive audience. There are certain people who listen to that type of music, and it’s nice to have that available, too, in addition to going out and listening to a DJ. :

I’m a fan of all that stuff as well, – I’m a DJ, as well, – but it just mixes it up. It’s more of an offering for a wider demographic.