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Letter from the Editor: Down, Set…Ski!

Am I the only one to do this? Every fall riding the bike path, I slalom around leaves, spots and other markings as if I’m running gates on the slopes. I veer this way and that, angling into turns and carving around whatever has fallen from the heavens like a veritable Lindsey Vonn vadeling down the Core Trail.

Not that I’m a racer. Far from it. All I have under my notched-on-the-last-hole belt are a few ski patrol races from my college days and cellar dweller finishes in Town Challenge series (rec division, if you must know).

But for some reason, plying my inner Bode Miller on the bike path comes as naturally as my thoughts about the upcoming ski season. People might mutter “doofus” at my derring-do, but so be it; it’s my way of bridging the seasons in Steamboat.

The real gates, of course, and harbingers of winter are the leaves. I’ll be turning wide and loose and then all of a sudden — leaf, leaf, leaf! — a flush of foliage sends my handlebars weaving.

As fall progresses, more leaves flutter down, meaning more gates. September’s SuperG progresses to GS and finally a quick-turning slalom come October.

If I’m ripe for a shrink, so be it. The ritual is a surefire sign that the season itself is shrinking and winter’s on its way.

Of course, there are more obvious omens as well, from the sprinkler guy blowing out your lines to the first crop dust atop Mt. Werner. It can even be found in the football games blaring from bar TVs along Yampa Avenue — which, ahem, brings up this issue’s cover story on ex-NFLers living in town. So, too, can it be found in our annual Best of the Boat contest, whose tweener-season publication keeps it in front of visitors all winter long.

Recreational overlaps — like bike slaloming around leaves — come with the territory here in Routt County, no matter what side of the equinox we’re on. And it’s these bridge seasons — when your golf bag, hockey gear, fly rod, bike and skate skis all jockey for position in your car back — that make living here so great.

Of course, some people get carried away, like when I found myself slalom-walking around leaves, which isn’t nearly as fun. And let me know if you see me weaving the cart down the grocery aisle…then I’ll know I have a problem.

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