Kelsey Martin: My Urbane style |

Kelsey Martin: My Urbane style

Kelsey Martin

This week, fashion contributor Kelsey Martin explores the unique pieces at Urbane.

— Urbane is definitely one of the most fun women's clothing retailers in town. There's so much personality in that store that every time I go in there, I can see how so many different styles can be found in there. Whether you like more casual and laid back clothes or are looking for something fun to wear out on the weekends, you can definitely find something that suits you. It also has looks that cater to ages from teens to younger adults, which is great.

Of course, if you follow the blog, you're not surprised I grabbed this amazing faux fur jacket and hat. I couldn't help myself; that jacket was calling my name the second I walked in! And, I have a major weakness for hats.

I also absolutely fell in love with this shoulder cutout top. I really wanted to purchase it and walk right out with it! I think it would be adorable with jean shorts and gladiator sandals in the summer too.

Lastly, I saw this clutch as I was about to leave, and it really caught my eye. It's vibrant colors and bold pattern would make it the perfect accessory to a monochrome outfit, something I tend to wear often.

It's not pictured, but they have the TOMS zipper ankle boots! Ladies, I'm telling you, those are the most comfortable booties and are totally worth the purchase!

Photography by Danielle Zimmerer

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