Kelsey Martin: Between the Lines |

Kelsey Martin: Between the Lines

Kelsey Martin

Fashion contributor, Kelsey Martin found more than just outdoor gear at Straightline Sports this week.

— For those of you that don't know, I work remotely for a digital advertising agency, so my office is right here in my house. Working from home, I am always on the prowl for comfortable clothes that are very casual but still really cute. I don't prefer to stay in sweatpants all day, but I also feel silly putting on a super cute outfit just to be in my house, working away at my computer.

Thankfully, we have a great place like Straightline Sports to come to my rescue. If you think Straightline is just for fly-fishing, ski gear, and hunting gear, then you're incorrect! They've really built out their women's wear in the last few years and now have a wide array of casual, everyday wear for both women and men. They have great outerwear as well, like this Lole down coat (it has thumb holes!), but when it comes to what I'm looking for to wear while working in the house, they have a fantastic selection.

Patagonia and Lole are two great brands for women's casual wear, and Straightline has plenty of both! All three of these dresses jumped out to me immediately. The striped hoodie dress and the flannel button down dress are both Patagonia. The multi-colored stripe dress is Lole. Whether it's at a weeknight happy hour, running errands on the weekend, or working from home, all three of these looks are just perfect. Grab some leggings and boots or slippers, and you're good to go. I actually already purchased the Lole dress; I just couldn't help myself!

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