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‘Just to feel amazing’

No presents for Christmas or Hannukkah

Keagan Scronek

Most people get a Christmas with lots of presents. But imagine a Christmas without any presents. You are probably saying to yourself that that is ridiculous. But lots of people don’t have the money to get lots of presents.

So those people celebrate it to be with their family. They celebrate and take time to think how much love they get every day. So on Christmas, you ask your parents for thousands of things, thinking that they will buy it all. Your parents go shopping and think you want this thing better than that thing, but you don’t.

So then they buy that thing that they think you want more than that other thing. Then on Christmas Day you wake up and you are so excited to get that gift, the one you wanted more than that other gift, and your parents are excited to give you that gift that you didn’t want as much as you wanted the other gift. So it is that gift, what you have been waiting for, and your parents say to you to open it last so you do.

You take the bow off. Then you start to rip the paper and : boom! Your parents have the biggest smile on their faces and you have a look that slowly erases that enormous smile on your parent’s face. You’re thinking in your head “What is this? I wanted the other present I told them to get.” And then there you are in the middle of the room with that horrible, selfish, annoying, mean look on your face. Thinking how horrible you are for not being thankful for your parents buying you a $40 gift and thinking that you would open that present and jump up and down 100 times and then go hug them. But you weren’t. All they wanted was for you to be happy. They didn’t want you to be disappointed. They love you and they wanted to get a gift that would make you so happy that it would raise your heart as soon as you opened it. Why were you being so selfish? Why were you making your parents so heart-broken? Why couldn’t you just except that your parents were trying to give you the Christmas of your life? You couldn’t just take the time to think.

So next time that you get a present that you didn’t really want, just think, your parents didn’t buy it to make you sad, they bought it to make you happy. Also, like I said before, some families don’t even get presents. They celebrate this holiday to hope for people, to love each other, and just to feel amazing.