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Joanne Palmer: The answer lady

Joanne Palmer

Psychic medium Bee Herz, shown here in 2007, offers her services in the Steamboat area.

— When will I find a job? When will the recession be over? When will my house sell?

Bee Herz has the answers.

Herz is a psychic medium. Faced with conflicting and confusing news reports about the economy, the recession and the housing market, some people are getting their information from alternative sources.

“People come to me because they have burning questions about their lives – health, money, relationships, talking with a dead relative. The answers they receive can put them on a healthier, happier path in life. In essence, it is a more direct path to happiness. It is like getting insider information on the stock market – not that this information will make you a fortune; however, it will make your life more fruitful,” Herz said.

Herz is happy to help. Not only will she answer the question – her accuracy rate is 80 to 85 percent – she offers hope.

“I try to empower people,” she said.

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Her clients come from all walks of life and from all over the world. Clients find her by word of mouth, through her Web site, or from listening to her radio show at 11 a.m. every Tuesday on

In case you still have an outdated, Halloweenish vision of a psychic medium, Herz does not sit behind a curtain with smoke billowing around her, stare into a crystal ball or use a Ouija board. She does most of her work over the phone and strives to add credibility to her profession. She is a member of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and offers her services without charge to people with terminal illnesses, to police and sheriff’s departments nationwide on missing person cases, and to local people whose pets are missing.

Her beautiful smile, sense of humor and knowledge about what she does put people at ease. She is very clear about what she does and is quick to point out the difference between a psychic and a medium. Explains Herz, “A psychic is a person who reads your energy, past, present and future. For example: Janet is coming to me because she is down, depressed, feeling like she needs a change. I ‘see’ her past as a Wall Streeter and her present as a waitress in Steamboat Springs. The future is where the work comes in. Janet has a beautiful voice, and she should use it in the local opera. Having Janet embrace the parts of her ‘higher self,’ the part of her that a medium can read, will give her a path, hope and get rid of her funk!”

A medium is a person who can connect with the dead.

“Most people do not understand that your deceased relative can hear you,” Herz said. “So they come to me. I let them know that their relative is in the room with us by sharing a trait or traits the person had, like she loved to needlepoint and sing ‘Ave Maria’ in the shower. Most people who want to hear from a dead relative really need closure on some part of their death, especially if it’s a suicide or murder. People come away with a great sense of closure. It’s as if they had a final conversation with the person, and it puts them at peace. People ask me the following: What are they doing? Where is the will? Does my dead mom still hate my husband? Is my loved one with anyone, preferably friends or other family members?”

Herz believes everyone has intuition and will be help people develop theirs during an “Awakening Your Intuition” workshop at 5 p.m. Jan. 10 at Epilogue Book Co. She will answer questions about the workshop at Epilogue at 6 p.m. Nov. 19.