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‘Jeopardy!’ tryout: A test of my wits and possibly my sanity

Andy Bockelman

Above is a caricature of Craig Daily Press and Explore Steamboat columnist Andy Bockelman competing on the game show "Jeopardy!" Bockelman received the drawing while auditioning for the show in Kansas City, Missouri, in 2011. More recently, he completed his third overall audition on June 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently awaiting a response from the show's producers.

— The audition itself? My best so far.

Still, it didn't start that way.

For starters, I slept in because I figured why not take advantage of something so important not beginning until 3 p.m. Of course, I didn't take into account how long it would take to haul myself out of a cozy bed, shower, shave, get downstairs and get a cab.

When you've spent your whole life in a small town, your perception of preparation and travel time is almost non-existent.

Through whatever miracle was at work, the driving was the easy part, and I thought that I had time to spare when my cabbie pulled up to the Venetian at 2:30. Little did I know what kind of madness I had caused myself.

If you've never been to this particular resort, don't think for a second you can walk in without a game plan and find what you want within minutes. The "Jeopardy!" folks had sent a map out with the audition details, and I had barely skimmed that email, my reasoning being, "What kind of moron can't find their way around in a casino?"

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This moron, apparently…

Expecting everything to be labeled and simple to find, I strode past the slot machines toward the escalators, making my way upstairs to the labyrinth that is the Italian-themed layout of shops, restaurants and canals complete with singing gondoliers, my mild annoyance with the tacky faux Europe vibe growing into pure rage with every step.

Was this how it was going to end? Was I a modern-day Theseus whose forgetfulness of a ball of string and poor overall planning going to be my downfall before I even got the chance to slay the Minotaur at its center?

To be continued…

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