How well do you know Steamboat? |

How well do you know Steamboat?

Test your knowledge of the Yampa Valley

For each category there are three questions representing three levels of difficulty: green circle, blue square and black diamond. In a handful of cases, you may be invited to test your memory against a double black diamond. Choose the level that best fits your knowledge of Steamboat, or try answering all the questions to really show off your skills. For the answers, scroll down to the end of the quiz.

1. Entertainers

Green: Name a musical act or artist who performed at one of Steamboat’s free summer concerts in 2006.

Blue: Name the Routt County guest ranch that was featured in a reality TV show in 2005 on the “E!” Entertainment Network. You also must name the show.

Bonus: Name one of the “celebrities” featured in the show.

Black: Name the Steamboat nightclub where Dave Matthews once performed.

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Double black: Name the male actor who played Col. Henry Blake in the TV classic “M*A*S*H” and came to Steamboat one year to tape a holiday special.

2. Competitive skiers

Green: Name the Steamboat skier who has stood on more World Cup podiums than any other.

Blue: Name Steamboat’s Olympic medal-winning snowboarder

Black: Name Steamboat’s first Winter Olympian. When and where did he compete?

3. Landmarks

Green: How did Steamboat Springs get its name?

Blue: How did the Yampa River get its name?

Black: Name the man who settled the Steamboat Springs area in the late 1800s.

4. Steamboat Ski Area History

Green: What state is Billy Kidd, Steamboat Ski Area’s director of skiing, originally from?

Blue: Name the company that owned the ski area immediately prior to the arrival of American Skiing Co. in 1997.

Black: Nearly everyone who has ever skied or snowboarded at the Steamboat Ski Area has enjoyed a trail named “Rudi’s Run.” Who was Rudi, and what was he most famous for?

Bonus: Name Rudi’s summer occupation.

5. High Achievers

Green: Name the Steamboat sportscaster who is known for his calls of amazing golf shots at holes 16 and 17 at Augusta National during the Masters golf tournament.

Blue: Name the NASA space shuttle astronaut who graduated from Steamboat Springs High School.

Black: Name the Steamboat resident who was a fighter pilot ace in three wars.



1) Matt Costa, Susan Tedeschi, Chicago Blues Reunion, Los Lobos and Michael Franti and Spearhead

2) Saddleback Ranch; “Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive”; Kourtney Kardashian, George Foreman III, Shanna Ferrigno, Noah Blake, Brittny Gastineau, Fabian Basabe, Courtenay Semel, Alex Quinn, Haley Giraldo, Alexander Clifford

3) The Inferno

4) McLean Stevenson

Competitive Skiers

1) Todd Lodwick 2) Shannon Dunn 3) John Steele, Lake Placid in 1932


1. According to legend, the name Steamboat Springs was first used by fur

trappers who mistakenly thought they were hearing a Missouri River boat. When

they rounded a bend, they realized they were hearing the sound made by a

small geyser that erupted near the 13th Street bridge over the Yampa River.

2. The Yampa, originally known as Bear River, and still called by that name

upstream from the town of Yampa, was given the name of a native plant. The

Utes relied on the roots of the Yampa plant as a dietary staple.

3. James Crawford

Ski Area History

1) Vermont

2) Kamori Kanko Ltd.

3) Rudi Schnackenberg was a ski school supervisor and former member of the 10th Mountain Division during World War II.

Bonus: During the summers, he ran a house-painting business.

High Achievers

1) Verne Lundquist 2) Steve Swanson 3) Robin Olds