Help wanted at schools |

Help wanted at schools

Teaching, administrative and support staff positions still open

Mike McCollum

— The first day of the 2007-08 school year is five weeks away, and Steamboat Springs School District officials continue to look to fill openings at the school and district levels.

At the district level, Superintendent Donna Howell said a top priority is to fill the open grant writer position, which was vacated in May when Lane Malone resigned to become the director of development at the Lowell Whiteman School.

“We hire the grant writer, but the position provides services to the Hayden School District and the South Routt District as well,” Howell said. “So I will coordinate with those two superintendents about the hiring process.”

Howell said she hasn’t looked at the updated list of applicants, but she hopes to conduct interviews early next week so the position can be filled before the beginning of the school year.

“We didn’t have a large candidate pool, and that is why we haven’t interviewed yet,” she said Monday.

Howell said Malone was instrumental in the South Routt School District’s receipt of $1.5 million in Colorado Department of Education grants to be used toward new heating and boiler systems at South Routt Elementary School and Soroco High School and Middle School in Oak Creek.

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“She also did three large projects (for the Steamboat Springs School District) – the comprehensive health grant, she wrote a regional grant for security and safety,” Howell said. “Also, she spearheaded a (Colorado) Department of Human Services grant to provide access to some resources to meet the needs of students and families in the community to help with the process for students who have been expelled to work their way back into the schools.”

Howell said principals are responsible for hiring at the school level, but the district has guidelines for hiring to ensure a committee is established to review all applicants.

“You also have the Teacherinsight Web site assessment, you have the actual interview, you look back on their background and experience as it relates to a particular position that needs to be filled,” she said about the hiring process.

As of Monday, nine positions remain unfilled at Steamboat Springs High School, including openings for French and math teachers.

Other high school openings include a moderate needs teacher, a full-time and part-time custodian and coaching positions for cheerleading, track, cross country, speech and girls basketball.

“I’ve talked with (high school Principal Mike Knezevich), and he has been working to get those filled,” she said.

Knezevich was unavailable for comment Monday on the status of the unfilled positions.

Steamboat Springs Middle School and Soda Creek Elementary School are fully staffed, while positions remain open at Strawberry Park Elementary School. Howell said the Strawberry Park jobs should be filled quickly once the school’s new principal, Brenda Smith Barr, comes on board.

Positions at Strawberry Park include a part-time Montessori aide, an office manager and a part-time custodian.

At the district level, positions are available for special education teachers and aides, substitute teachers, substitute paraprofessionals and a payroll manager.