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Greg Rockhold: Thanks to voters

Thanks to voters

On behalf of all the students and staff in the South Routt and Hayden school districts, we wish to thank the voters of Steamboat Springs and the surrounding community for their support of referendums 2A and 2B. Referendum 2A allows the half-cent sales tax renewal for educational funding, and 2B approves fund allocation to the neighboring districts of South Routt and Hayden, making tremendous strides toward intercommunity cooperation and the educational advancement of all Routt County students.

The passage of 2B will greatly benefit our schools and students for years to come by granting us the ability to make requests to the Education Fund Board. This referendum will allow our students opportunities that previously were unavailable to them as a result of district financial constraints.

We feel we are blessed to live in such a beautiful area, and this unselfish approval shows us that we are not only blessed with our beautiful surroundings, we are also benefited by having individuals who think beyond themselves and their immediate community. Passage of this measure demonstrates the outstanding spirit of generosity in the people of Steamboat Springs and the commitment to the growth of all Routt County youth.

So we speak as the voice of all the South Routt and Hayden students and staff whose faces you may never see and voices that you may never hear when we sincerely say, thank you again to the community of Steamboat Springs for thinking of our needs. We assure you that our students will enjoy immense benefits from the passage of Referendum 2B, and the finances will be used wisely.

Greg Rockhold

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