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Allison Miriani

For many, the holiday season brings stress – and lots of it. Stress about what gift to send your in-laws, what to wear to a work holiday party, and what dish to bring to the dinners and potlucks that seem to occupy every weekend.

You’re on your own when it comes to outfits, but there are many Web sites that offer other relevant advice to time-craved, stressed-out workers this holiday season. provides gift suggestions based on the receiver and his or her interests, and there are gift ideas for every budget. For a sister who likes to travel, the perfect gift is only a few clicks away. Clicking on the “for women” tab and then choosing “travel enthusiast” from the list of 26 interests brings up a slew of gift ideas. For the budget-minded gift-giver, a $12.95 travel journal could be the perfect option. Want to spend quite a bit more? Try surprising him or her with a heli-ski trip. visitors also have the option of choosing within subcategories to find items based on price, type of holiday or gifts that can be personalized.

A link from takes users to the Gift Rap blog, which offers a variety of zany, new gift ideas. You’ll have to check regularly or look through the archives to find the perfect gift – but they are there. For your vegan friend, there are beauty products that don’t use any ingredients derived from animals. For a computer-savvy pal or youngster, check out Mimobots – designer USB flash drives shaped like monsters and cartoon characters.

Don’t know what dish to make for your next holiday party? Consider the Food Network’s Web site. allows users to search for recipes based on the holiday. Once you’ve chosen the holiday, narrow the search by choosing from subcategories such as dinner entrees, cocktail parties, sweets and drinks. And for someone like me, who watches FoodNetwork 24/7 but never manages to write down a recipe, the Web site makes it easy to find the yummy recipes you’ve seen on TV but forgotten about. While researching this article, I found a recipe under the Thanksgiving heading for Michael Chiarello’s Butternut Squash and Apple Soup.

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– Allison Miriani