Gear Guide: Indoors |

Gear Guide: Indoors

Allison Miriani

1. Steamboat steeped in tradition

Silk-screen rustic Steamboat signs make a wonderful gift to give family and friends a lasting memory of the Yampa Valley. Skiing, snowboarding and hunting signs offer something for everyone.

(Steamboat signs, $75; Mountain Traditions, 833 Lincoln Ave., 870-7976)

2. One-of-a-kind dishes

Blaisdell Pottery is hand-thrown and hand-built in Southern Colorado. The dishes are dishwasher-, microwave- and oven-safe.

(Blaisdell serving tray, prices vary basd on pottery size; Steamboat Art Co., 903 Lincoln Ave., 879-3383)

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3. Plates for all seasons

Aspen leaf appetizer plates come in four designs and colors. Impress your guests at dinner or display these pretty plates during the fall.

(Set of four for $40; Steamboat Art. Co., 903 Lincoln Ave., 879-3383)

4. An excuse to be lazy

This lazy Susan by Sticks will be the talk of your dinner party. Handmade and handcrafted, the colorful wooden pieces come in two sizes.

(Sticks Lazy Susan, $395 for 20-inch size and $495 for 24-inch size; Steamboat Art Co., 903 Lincoln Ave., 879-3383)

5. Light up your decor

Wicks N’ More hand-poured candles come in many shapes, colors and aromas. Spice up your dining or living area before a dinner party and the room will smell good all night.

(Wicks N’ More candles, range from $3 to $39 for 2- to 10-inch candles; Steamboat Art Co.,

903 Lincoln Ave., 879-3383)