Former local has first major debut in Noah Baumbach’s recent film “While We’re Young” |

Former local has first major debut in Noah Baumbach’s recent film “While We’re Young”

Ryan Serhant is not only known as one of the top real estate brokers in New York City and one of the stars of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing: New York” but now, he can add role in Noah Baumbach’s new film, “While We’re Young” to his resume.

The recently released film focuses on 40-somethings Ben Stiller (Josh) and Naomi Watts (Cornelia) losing touch with the younger generation. The couple befriends young couple Adam Driver (Jamie) and Amanda Seyfried (Darby,) and the film offers comedic insights into how the younger generation views life and its fleeting moments.

Serhant, a former Steamboat local who was once a student at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp, moved to New York in 2006 and landed a role in the soap opera “As the World Turns.” The reality television series “Million Dollar Listing: New York,” now in its fourth season, has been another success for Serhant.

Servant’s role in “While We’re Young” gave him a chance to get back to his acting roots and earlier this week, he spoke to arts and entertainment reporter Audrey Dwyer about his film role as Hedge Fund Dave.

Explore Steamboat: What was it about this film that you were drawn to? Was it the plot or the idea of older generations losing touch with younger generations? 

Ryan Serhant: All of it. It was so well written and had such a great cast. It was my first film acting alongside someone like Ben Stiller or Adam Driver. I have never been on a set like that before. It was an incredible experience. The directors were such creative geniuses. I’m in such a profession that is surrounded by cutthroat real estate brokers so to spend a week with people who are passionate about the arts was great.

ES: What was it like with Noah Baumbach as the director because I’ve read that he “focuses on the absurdity of human interactions and brings out the best in actors.” Did you find this to be true? How so? 

RS: He is a genius as a director. The characters are incredibly well defined in the movie. As a director, Baumbach is so versatile. It was pretty wild to be able to work with him.

ES: Do you find that concept (older generations losing touch with younger generations) to be true now more than ever especially living in New York? What about in Steamboat Springs? 

RS: Absolutely, the times are moving much faster and now you see technological differences every year. It’s not like we are going from flip phones to iPhones, now its from iPhones to no phones and using wearable technology. I think technology will define age difference more so than just music, art or culture. I see it even in my office. It’s amazing what some of these kids can do with their phones or computers.

ES: I know you’ve been asked about your time at Perry-Mansfield but how did that experience prepare you for acting in a film? 

RS: I’ve studied theater for as long as I can remember, and I was well prepared for the most part for this role. Perry-Mansfield was huge for me because I was able to work with professional actors. It was an incredible experience I always look back on for sure.

For this role, I went back to my acting coach who I hadn’t seen since 2008. But it was just like riding a bike to get back in front of a camera.

ES: So in the film you are “Hedge Fund Dave,” and I was told your character is pretty funny. Is this a normal role for you? Was it easy for you to take on this character? 

RS: Nothing is ever easy, and I look to the real estate business as something that has really helped me. Similar to the scene from the trailer, I know what it’s like to be wrapped up in the middle of a busy day and have someone pitch something to me that I don’t really understand. I was able to roll with it bluntly and honestly in the film. The last five years in real estate was my research for this role really.

ES: Do you plan on pursuing more major films like this? If not, what is that you hope to do? 

RS: I’m open to anything. The real estate business is going really well right now.

To reach Audrey Dwyer, call 970-871-4229, email or follow her on Twitter @Audrey_Dwyer1

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